Shooting Sports USA | 27,577 Student-Athletes Participating In USA Clay Target League Spring Season

This spring, 27,577 athletes from 1,308 high school and college teams will participate in the USA Clay Target League (USACTL) programs. In addition, more than 7,800 on-site volunteers will act as trainers, safety officers and team members.

USACTL governs virtual competitions between teams from 34 states, and offers secondary and post-secondary schools across the country, trap, skeet, sport clay, and 5 booth leagues. The virtual format reduces travel time and costs for families as exercises and competitions are held at shooting ranges close to the locations of each school. To keep things fair, conferences are determined by team size, not location.

During each season, student athletes receive points that are determined by their performance and rankings against all individual results within their team’s conference. The team values ​​and the overall ranking are calculated by adding the points of the qualified shooters. Athletes and their families can follow the performance of individuals and teams online.

Over the course of the 2020-2021 school year, there will be more than 38,000 high school students enrolled in its programs, according to USACTL. The common and adaptable nature of shooting sports are major attractions. In a sport that corresponds to Title IX, male and female student athletes compete in teams in the USACTL. In addition, student athletes must complete firearms safety certification before they can participate in a USACTL team event.

John Nelson, President of USACTL, says:

“After an extremely difficult 2020 for schools and athletes, we are pleased to exceed our number of participants before the COVID spring. The record-breaking attendance this spring is the result of the incredible efforts of coaches and families to overcome the ongoing problems of the pandemic and ammunition shortage. ”

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