Shooting Sports USA | 8 New Competitive Shooting Products For 2021

Although 2020 was marked with the cancellation of several important games, the spirit of competition remained for anyone with a heartbeat for a shot timer. The manufacturers didn’t miss a beat either and continued to develop great match products. While the SHOT Show 2021 is largely virtual and consists mostly of press releases and video conferencing, there have been plenty of exciting new products this year that are worth talking about. Here are a few that caught our eye.

TaurusTX 22 competition .22 LR

The TX 22 took center stage in 2019, changing people’s minds about what Taurus firearms can really be. Fired by the striker, this .22 LR has built a reputation for devouring ammo you fill it with and running smoothly no matter how hard you ride it. The competition model is new for 2021 and can easily accommodate an optic. With an attractive skeletonized slide and 5-inch threaded bull barrel, this beast is ready to dominate the Steel Challenge while saving you a fortune practicing for USPSA or IDPA. And if you already own the original TX 22, Taurus will sell the “upper half” yourself. Update your existing TaurusTX 22 in a few minutes and save money. $ 485,

SIG Sauer P320MAX

P320MAX |  SIG Sauer

If Max Michel got his hand in, you know it’s built to shoot. Firearms giant SIG Sauer has unveiled its latest version of its best-selling 9mm P320 platform – the P320MAX. With its tungsten-enriched XFULL heavy-duty grip module, this full-size pistol is designed to instantly dominate the competition with carry optics. And it is not only delivered ready-to-use, but also optically with a 6 MOA ROMEO3MAX, which is pre-assembled and ready for use. Keep digging and you will find four 21-round magazines that need nothing more than a belt and holster to get started with USPSA or take your current game to the next level. No price yet,

CZ Tactical Sport 2

CZ Tactical Sport 2

With CZ catching its breath from producing many thousands of guns to please home defenders, we can expect this new competitive shooting device to find its way into gun shops across the country. The TS2 is a further refinement of CZ’s original design, taking function and ergonomics to the next level. An on-display magwell, a 360-degree checkerboard pattern and an extended magazine release make this weapon ready to use right out of the box. Other models offer these features as well as enhancements like a frame-mounted “accelerator” that you can place your thumb on during rapid fire. With a 20-round magazine, you will likely blow 9mm ammo through as if it were in 2019. $ 1,699,

Crimson Trace Hardline Pro riflescopes

Crimson Trace Hardline Pro riflescopes

Back in 2018, Crimson Trace wanted to show the shooting world that they could make far more complex products than just lasers and lights. What it produced through its electro-optics department shocked the competition shooters and made them want more. For 2021, Crimson Trace has blasted the doors of this wheelhouse with its new Hardline range of rifle scopes. The first line includes 12 different riflescopes that meet the needs of PRS and 3-gun shooters alike. Features like illuminated reticle in the first focal plane, bullet drop compensation, and oversized exposed turrets help shooters get lead to steel faster than ever before. These riflescopes are part of 50 new optics that Crimson Trace has released this year. Starts at $ 230,

SK Hi-Velocity Match .22 LR

SK Hi-Velocity Match .22 LR

The .22 LR is a one-round puzzle. Part of the problem is that it operates at transonic speeds. With manufacturers on the cusp of breaking the sound barrier and experiencing the resulting turbulence, they have two options: slowing down, reducing long-range effectiveness; or speed things up and slow down when the ball experiences this turbulence at the expense of accuracy.

The latter almost always leads to ammunition that has previously been less desirable. Famous German rimfire cartridge maker SK has spent its quarantine trying to figure out how to make a high-speed variant of its notoriously accurate match-grade ammunition. The Hi-Velocity Match lap offers rifle speeds of 1,263 fps and delivers the accuracy NRL-22 shooters need to reach and hit targets 200 meters and beyond. 8 USD per box,

Winchester and Browning 6.8 Western

Winchester 6.8 Western Match

It wouldn’t be a new year in the arms industry without the introduction of a new cartridge. This year, that honor goes to both Winchester and Browning for their joint invention of the 6/8 Western. Although it is a long range “hunting cartridge”, we all know that something fairly accurate for game can be stupid and accurate for targets. Winchester proves this with the 170-grain MatchKing load. This new round with 27 calibres offers more energy than the 7 mm Rem. Mag. With less recoil than .300 PRC. In addition, 6.8 Western was developed for short promotions. Expect the Model 70 and XPR rifles to be used in the chamber later this year. Price varies,,

Cut .22 LR ammunition kits

Cut .22 LR ammunition kits

Yeah, you read that right, we’re going to try that .22 LR reload thing again. Well, do not reload completely, but reload from scratch. .22 LR bullets are at best raw, whirled up en masse and made of solid, easily deformable lead. Cutting Edge is known for monolithic revolving storeys and promises a solution to the factory-locked .22 dilemma in 2021. Product kits include bullets and primed rimfire brass, as well as loading data so you can develop your best .22 LR rounds in the same way as you would with your Centerfire rifles. Since you’re not reforming a dented rim, scraping off primer residue, and re-priming with a homebrew mix, this ammo is far more reliable than the material made from these floating survival kits. Matrices and cup holders are also available, giving you everything you need to heal projectile dysfunction. $ 122 for the dice set,

Berger .223 Rem. 73-grain Boattail Match ammunition

Berger .223 Rem.  73-grain Boattail Match ammunition

For those looking to compete in the PRS Light Tactical Division, hand loading is now optional. Berger has set himself the task of packing his 73-grain 0.224-inch diameter ball under a special load of Vihtavuori powder in Lapua cases. Berger calls this ball a “test ball”. If a gun doesn’t shoot that well, something is wrong. The result is a match-grade lap that works just as well on 1: 7 “twist kegs as it does on 1: 9” twist kegs. The high ballistic coefficient allows it to beat the wind better than many other types of bullets, and at 73 grains it stays within the Precision Rifle Series threshold to ensure consistency with the game. $ 34,

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