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Harry Reeves took pistol shooting into the water as a proverbial duck. Three years after firing a pistol for the first time (as a Marine recruit), he won the Individual Marine Championship in the first match he participated in. He didn’t stop there; He was the first to pass the 2600 mark in the three-cannon unit of the bullseye pistol (.22, center-fire and .45). In 1940, it was a stratospheric feat – equivalent to breaking the four-minute mile. Between 1940 and 1954, Reeves won six national pistol championships and 15 medals (including five gold medals) in international pistol competition.

Reeves joined the Marine Corps during the Great Depression. One of his companions was Captain David Shoup, who showed Reeves his first set of match pistols (.22 LR, .38 Spl. And .45 ACP). (Shoup would become Commandant of the Marine Corps and Pistol Distinguished.)

In 1937 Reeves joined the Detroit, Michigan Police Department, where he quickly established himself on the gun team. He retired from the Detroit Police Department as an inspector in 1964.

His equipment was described in the February 1947 issue of American Rifleman. It was a classic for the day: Colt Woodsman for .22 matches, .38 Spl., Colt Officers Model for Center-Fire and a Model 1911 .45 ACP. All had been hired in one way or another, and all of them were held by Lew Sanderson, a Detroit police officer. Harry Reeves retired from competition in 1964 and served as a team official in the 1968 and 1972 Olympic shooting teams.

Harry Reeves
b. December 3, 1908 – d. February 5, 2001

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