Shooting Sports USA | Brian Zins Is Conducting A New Bullseye Pistol Boot Camp

This April 12-time NRA National Pistol Champion Brian Zins will run a new bullseye gun clinic at the Cardinal Shooting Center in Marengo, Ohio. The 2021 Bullseye Clinic Boot Camp will have a small class format with five teaching days from April 18-22. Including live fire and classroom instruction, potential students should plan at least 200 rounds per day per weapon or per segment.

From the Bullseye Clinic Boot Camp Flyer:

If you could spend five days with a small group of people under the tutelage of Brian Zins, with guest appearances from top marksmen working through the Marine Corps Pistol Team’s book in a world class facility (The Cardinal Center), would you?

Billed as five days of precision pistol training “as if you were on the Marine Corps Pistol Team …”, this is a special boot camp. The instruction of interest alone in a great shooting complex like this Cardinal center is worth the price of admission. If you add in the guest teachers named in the flyer, bullseye pistol shooters looking for training that takes advantage of this opportunity should leave boot camp thoroughly satisfied with the results.

So the five days of class will collapse.

  • Day 1: Classroom instruction on bullseye gun basics.
  • Day 2-4: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Live fire training and coaching on the track with Brian Zins.
  • Day 5: 3-gun match around 1800 with coaching between the strings.

Boot camp planners advise students to bring their .22 LR, Center Fire, and .45 ACP pistols, as well as a service pistol, although only one or two guns are okay. The Live Fire days are divided into three sections: .22 LR in the morning, Center Fire, and .45 ACP in the late morning or early afternoon, followed by Service Pistol.

With a big name like Brian Zins headlining and the time it takes at the Cardinal Center, you’d expect the fees for this class to be north of $ 2,000. Instead, the Bullseye Clinic 2021 bootcamp is a real bargain for $ 1,000 per person. Students can rest assured that this will be their clinic, and the instructors are likely to encourage each student to take advantage of it if they deem it necessary. There will also be prizes and giveaways from sponsors like Accuracy X, Dillon Precision, National Target, and more that will be announced shortly.

To register for the 2021 Bullseye Clinic Boot Camp at the Cardinal CenterCall Stu at the Bullseye Clinic at (610) 283-6187. Alternatively, send an email to [email protected]

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