Shooting Sports USA | Collegiate Rifle: Akron Defeats UTEP 4676-4545

In a rare showdown on Friday February 5, the Akron rifle team secured a season high and a win over the UTEP roster. The end result was 4676-4545. Akron shooters made the top 10 individual achievements, including the Senior Wyatt Openshaw with a total of 1172 points.

For air rifles, Akron’s 2353 score turned out to be too high for UTEP to beat it at 2312. Nine Akron shooters dominated the top 10 air rifle performances – Wyatt Openshaw (590), Junior Jeanne Haverhill (590), Newbie Erin Schnupp (590), Newbie Kayla Andreoli (589), Senior Rebecca Spencer (589), Senior Lauren Kadooka ( 585), junior Andre Gross (584), newcomer Samantha Schultz (584) and sophomore Jakob Rankin (583). UTEP senior Samantha Miller (581) rounded off the top 10.

On the smallbore side, Akron got an overall score of 2323 while UTEP finished with 2233. Akron senior Wyatt Openshaw was again in the lead with an individual rating of 582. And it was Akron shooters who took all the top 10 places in the individual smallbore ranking – after Openshaw (582) there was Andreoli (581), newcomer Gavin Perkowski (581), Gross (579), junior Jeanne Haverhill ( 578), Shultz (576), Senior Antonio Remedios (569), Spencer (567), Schnupp (566) and Kadooka (566). The UTEP red shirt in the second year, Jennifer Windle, was the best individual shooter for her team, scoring 564 points and finishing in 11th place.

UTEP Miners vs. Akron Zip |  College rifle

Akron head coach Newt Engle was pleased with the performance of his team. In addition, a former Akron shooter was able to return to his alma mater as a coach instead of a competitive shooter. Here’s what Engle had to say.

“El Paso came from the great state of Texas, the University of Texas, hoping to bring Ohio home for a few days while competing in the state of Ohio and here in Akron. Kind of homecoming for UTEP head coach Austin Litherland I was excited to host UTEP and, with Austin, to remember his good times here at Akron. I am proud of the team for a solid team performance with both rifles. It is evident that all of their hard work is yielding rewarding results. ”

UTEP Redshirt newcomer Isabel Brooks was the top performer of the Miners with 578 in the air rifle and 561 in the smallbore, which corresponds to a respectable total score of 1139. Notably, she shot a 99 point score in Smallbore.

One thing to note: Other than a virtual 4680 fired against Kentucky last October, this was the highest shoulder-to-shoulder score of the season for the Akron rifle team.

See the whole NCAA scorecard for the game.

All photos courtesy of Newt Engle, head coach of the Univ. from Akron rifle Team. Special thanks for his help with this college rifle update.

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