Shooting Sports USA | French Gun Manufacturer Chapuis Now Under Benelli USA Umbrella

In a year in which a premium brand was already taken over by another, Benelli USA announced that the French weapons manufacturer Chapuis has been added to its brand portfolio in the USA. Chapuis, a long-time manufacturer of premium highland shotguns and big game rifles, will support Benelli, Franchi, Stoeger and Uberti USA as brands under the umbrella of Benelli USA.

Elan side-by-side double rifle (above) and Chasseur side-by-side shotgun.

Chapuis has been building exquisite highland and big game weapons for over 100 years. The company is known for designing and manufacturing shotguns and rifles that are as reliable as they are beautiful. Designed by hunters and hunters, Chapuis engineers are always looking for improvements to meet the needs of ambitious users.

Chapuis craftsman

Chapuis Artisan weapons are hand engraved.

Chapuis USA’s product offering in the US includes the Chasseur side-by-side and the Faisan over-and-under shotguns, available in strengths of 12, 20 and 28. Together with the Hochland shotguns, Chapuis offers the Elan double rifle with the chambers .375 H & H FL, .450-400 Nitro Express and .470 Nitro Express. All Chapuis USA shotguns and rifles are offered in two grades: Classic (Circassian walnut shaft and front end of class 3A and receiver with laser engraving) and Artisan (Circassian walnut shaft with 5A class and front end and hand-engraved receiver). .

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