Shooting Sports USA | Hoppe’s Adds Competitive Long-Range Shooter Bryan Sikes

Hoppe’s has announced that competitive long-range shooter and precision gunsmith Bryan Sikes will join Team Hoppe’s for the 2021 shooting season. Sikes not only represents Hoppes, but also acts as an ambassador for other brands in the Vista Outdoor portfolio such as RCBS and Bushnell.

Bryan Sikes is a sniper rifle shooter and instructor whose industry knowledge is widely recognized.

A lifelong shooter and hunter, Sikes brought his passion for long-range shots to the competitive arena after 12 years of military service. During his time in the US Army, he served as a sniper with the 7th Special Forces Group. He received his unit’s Top Sniper Award in 2014 and 2015 and took seventh and ninth place respectively at the annual USASOC International Sniper Competition in 2014 and 2015. In addition, Sikes is an active member of the PRS (Precision Rifle Series) community and has been a precision rifle manufacturer at GA Precision for five years.

With countless hours both on the track and behind the workbench, Sikes leaves little to chance by choosing the best materials and components as well as the best gun care products for maintenance. This is why Sikes prefers Hoppes for gun maintenance and why he’s excited to help the company develop and perfect new products.

Here’s what Sikes had to say about joining Team Hoppe:

“It is a privilege to join the Hoppe’s team and I look forward to continuing the legacy of such an iconic brand. Hoppe’s products are second to none and without them I wouldn’t be able to compete and train at such a high level. ”

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