Shooting Sports USA | Magnetospeed Acquired By Kestrel Ballistics Parent Company Nielsen-Kellerman

Nielsen-Kellerman, the parent company of ballistic tool maker Kestrel, has acquired the assets of Magnetospeed LLC, manufacturer of high quality chronographs, target hit indicators and other accessories for the competitive shooting, hunting, recreational and military markets.

Magnetospeed has been building since 2013 Chronographs, Target hit indicators and barrel coolers. The barrel-mounted ballistic chronographs V3 and Sporter use electromagnetic sensors to measure the speed of the bullet. Further products are the T1000 Hit Indicator as well as the Riflekühl-Kammerflagge and the run cooler. The company was founded 10 years ago by three Texas engineers who were working on a new type of chronograph. After building a rough prototype, Magnetospeed developed a product that became a valuable tool that is used around the world.

The acquisition of Magnetospeed by Kestrel offers many opportunities to improve the functionality of the chronograph range. For example, chronographs can now have a direct connection to Kestrel Ballistics weather gauges equipped with Kestrel LiNK.

Magnetospeed, As part of Kestrel’s ballistics division, the company joins a company dedicated to producing precise, purpose-built ballistics tools to improve precision performance in long-range shooting. The kestrel / magnetospeed marriage should bear some fine fruit in the near future for precision marksmen hungry for the latest gear.

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