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Designed with contributions from the competition shooting legend and the Team SIG Captain Max Michel, The new SIG Custom Works P320MAX is optimized for the Carry Optics competition. The P320MAX is a 9 mm assault pistol and the first SIG Custom Works model with factory-installed red dot optics – in this case Max Michel’s competition optics, SIG Sauer Romeo3 MAX.

The SIG Custom Works P320MAX 9 mm is a solid foundation for every carry optics shooter.

The P320MAX is based on the TXG tungsten infused, heavy duty XFULL handle module with a flat, skeletal trigger. The slide has custom all-round serrations for improved manipulation of the sides and top. Other competitive features include a 5-inch match-quality bull barrel, one-piece stainless steel shaft, and two 1911-style return springs (14 and 12 pounds). As already mentioned, the P320MAX pistol comes standard with a SIG Sauer 6-MOA Romeo3 MAX red dot optic and four 21-round steel magazines.

SIG Sauer P320MAX

The total length of the P320MAX is 8.5 inches and the weight (including magazine) is 43.5 ounces. The Romeo3 MAX reflex sight alone weighs 1.5 ounces.

The supplied open reflex sight SIG Sauer Romeo3 MAX has a 30 mm round lens that offers a wide field of view, a special red notch filter for a vivid red dot, 12 illuminance levels and a running time of up to 20,000 hours. (Read field editor Chris Christian review of the Romeo3 MAX.)

Here’s what Max Michel has to say about this new SIG Custom Works pistol that includes his extensive range Wear optics Competitive experience.

“The first time I picked up the P320, I knew it was a game changer and it was an incredible experience to work with the SIG product team to contribute to the development of the P320 X5 Legion, which led to the development of the P320 P320MAX. The P320MAX offers the perfect pistol setting, starting with the TXG handle module that softens recoil and stabilizes the point so you can get to the target faster. The redesigned upper offers additional features for better manipulation of the pistol during competition, provides a direct mount for the Romeo3 MAX and looks great with the circumferential serrations. I can’t wait to start my 2021 racing season with the P320MAX. ”

SIG Sauer Custom Works P320MAX

The frame and slide are made of stainless steel, while the 5-inch barrel is made of carbon steel.

Especially for competition shooters Wear optics Fans – to take their game to the next level, the SIG Custom Works P320MAX is worth a closer look. Learn more at

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