Shooting Sports USA | New: Special Edition Daisy Christmas Dream Red Ryder BB Gun

Daisy’s new special edition Christmas Dream Red Ryder ($ 28.60) is just like the one from the classic, cult vacation movie A Christmas Story. This BB gun is authentic and includes a stock compass and sundial to help keep the time just like the one Ralphie had in the movie. While it may not be the weapon of choice for keeping the family safe from Black Bart or taking ducks on their wings, the new Daisy Christmas Dream is ideal for teaching gun safety and marksmanship to young shooters.

With a manual cross bolt safety and adjustable sight and ramp / blade sight, this leverage provides the experience of firing a firearm at low speed in an air rifle situation. The new Daisy BB Gun in the Special Edition also contains the traditional Red Ryder logo engraving on the left side of the wooden stick, while the right side contains the above mentioned functional compass and a deeply recessed sundial with engraving (Gnomon is included). Like all Daisy Red Ryder BB Guns, the Christmas Dream shoots at 350 fps

The Red Ryder has been a popular Christmas present for teenagers for more than 80 years. Generations have relied on Daisy to make the tools that allow beginners to safely learn gun safety and marksmanship, and the Christmas Dream Gun Special Edition was designed for the job.

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