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Precision pistol shooters from across the country traveled to Indiana this summer to compete in the 2021 NRA National Pistol Championships. The game took place July 20-25 at the new home of the NRA National Matches, Camp Atterbury, located about 37 miles south of Indianapolis near Edinburgh, Indiana.

NRA Director Ted Carter at the awards ceremony with SFC Greg Markowski as he receives the Harry Reeves Memorial Revolver Match plaque.

Conditions for the game were typical of summer in this part of Indiana – hot and muggy, with temperatures in the 80s and 90s. Despite the muggy weather, the wind at Camp Atterbury isn’t generally too brutal – at least for the precision pistol shooters. Additionally, the new 100-point covered shooting range provided some protection from the elements for competitors on the firing line, as well as spectators, referees and other game officials.

Camp Atterbury & NRA launch new range

The new target spinners at Camp Atterbury are constructed of lightweight aluminium.

Dominate AMU shooters

With a score of 2645-139X, SFC Greg Markowski of the US Army Marksmanship Unit is the 2021 NRA Precision Pistol National Champion. Additionally, Markowski was the High Service Shooter and won this year’s .22-Caliber Championship with a score of 889-55X.

SFC Greg Markowski

With a score of 2645-139X, SFC’s Greg Markwoski of the AMU is the 2021 NRA National Pistol Champion.

Jonathan Shue came in second with 2642-128X. Shue’s score also earned him the Civilian Championship and the Military Veteran Award.

Third place went to Markowski’s AMU teammate SSG Ryan Franks, who finished the match with a score of 2623-119X.

The top three finishers – Markowski, Shue and Franks – are all High Master classified precision pistol shooters.

Jon Shue, Greg Markwoski and Ryan Franks

The top three finishers (left to right) runner-up Jon Shue, winner SFC Greg Markwoski and third-place finisher SSG Ryan Franks.

As for High Woman, that honor went to Army National Guard Pistol Team marksman 2LT Lisa J. Emmert, who finished the match with a score of 2619-111X. (Note: Brenda Silva won the High Civilian Woman Award and Vincent Trophy with 2560-84X but was not in the results bulletin at the time of publication. Article updated September 17, 2021.)

2LT Lisa Emmert

Match Director Kenn Boyd presents her High Woman Award to 2LT Lisa Emmert of the Army National Guard.

The 2021 Metallic National Championship title went to SFC David A. Paquette of the Army National Guard with a score of 2555-77X. Paquette is classified as a master. Runner-up was sharpshooter John Dervis of Sheridan, Illinois, who finished 2402-47X.

Ranked as a High Master, Steven D. Pardieck of Indianapolis, Indiana was the High Police winner with a score of 2570-97X.

Jon Shue at the 2021 NRA Pistol Nationals

Match runner-up Jon Shue fires the team matches. Stay tuned for a future article with him.

The High Senior win went to Franklin Dessuit of Valparaiso, Indiana with a score of 2593-101X. Dessuit is a master class bullseye pistol shooter.

Rounding out the special award is the High Grand Senior, which went to Ron Steinbrecher of Wyndmoor, PA, with 2549-85X. Stonebreaker is classified as Grand Master.

USAMU Blue at the 2021 NRA Precision Pistol Nationals

USAMU Blue won the 4-person team championship. Team members were (left to right): SFC Greg Markwoski, SPC Jason Gregoire (Res.), Team Captain SFC Sally Talbott, SSG Ryan Franks and SSG Carl Clegg.

Mayleigh Cup Team

The Mayleigh Cup Team Match is an international postal competition that pits US shooters against teams from other countries such as the UK. The US Mayleigh Cup team is made up of competitors with high scores in the NRA National Matches in the .22-Caliber Slow Fire Match and the Slow-Fire Stage of the .22-Caliber National Match Course. The team consists of the top 10 shooters plus two alternates. For the Mayleigh Cup International Postal Match, the team shoots 30 slow shots at 50 yards.

Twelve NRA National Matches handgun competitors have been selected for the 2021 US Mayleigh Cup team after a hiatus last year because of the pandemic. A competitor selected for this year’s team, Jonathan Shue, declined to participate.

2021 Mayleigh Cup Team

The 2021 US Mayleigh Cup International Postal Team gathered for this post-game group photo.

Here are the 11 shooters who fired the 2021 Mayleigh Cup Team Match at Camp Atterbury: Carl Clegg, Franklin Dessuit, Latief Dickerson, Ryan Franks, Jason Gregoire, Travis Jorgenson (Alternate), Daniel Kupar, David Lange, Greg Markowski, Brenda Silva and Hiem Trang.

SSG Ryan Franks of the US Army Marksmanship Unit took home the highest honor in this year’s US Mayleigh Cup Team Match with a high score of 266. He also had the highest score in the 30-shot qualifier at 291-4X. Another member of the AMU pistol team and 2021 NRA Precision Pistol Champion, SFC Greg Markowski had the second highest score at 266, just a few points less than Franks on the X-Count. Third place went to Franklin Dessuit with 264 points.

Match Director Kenn Boyd is the current keeper of US Mayleigh Cup team history and records. At Camp Atterbury that summer, Kenn gave me a great look at the Mayleigh Cup Team Match from his archives, dating back to the 1930’s. Stay tuned for more Mayleigh Cup historical articles in the future.

NRA precision pistol

This setup is typical of an NRA sniper pistol competitor at the National Matches.

staff talent

This year marked the first time the NRA Precision Pistol National Championships were held at Camp Atterbury. Indiana First Lady Janet Holcomb opened the NRA National Matches during the small bore rifle phase of the First Shot Ceremony on Tuesday, July 6th.

Pistol competitors change targets

NRA Pistol Nationals contestants score and change targets between strings.

This year was another first for the NRA Precision Pistol National Championships. Longtime NRA umpire Kenn Boyd served as match director for the first time. Boyd is no stranger to working in NRA championships – he has spent many years as a game official in various capacities at Camp Perry, along with key jobs at the Bianchi Cup Action Pistol Championship. Boyd’s experience made him ideal for the new role. Faced with a difficult situation at a new venue for the NRA Pistol Championships at Camp Atterbury, Boyd approached the task with enthusiasm and composure.

“Kenn Boyd is completely selfless and has answered the call to help the NRA every year,” said Cole McCulloch, director of the NRA’s Competitive Shooting Division. “This year Kenn led a great crew as Match Director at a new facility and gave us a fantastic match given the circumstances.”

NRA Referee

Referee Mike McShea (l.) and Ted Carter consult with Karl Hoffman during the Mayleigh Cup match.

It wasn’t just Boyd, either. He was assisted by Karl Hoffman, a former Camp Perry umpire, who served as his alternate, but don’t let the title fool you – Hoffman had a huge responsibility this year. The venerable Jon Nortemann was also available as referee. Nortemann is another longtime referee at the Perry and Bianchi Cup. (These double-hatted pistol umpires are immensely talented.) Also on the umpiring crew was NRA board member Ted Carter, along with another Camp Perry veteran, Mike McShea. They were joined by Line Officer Randy Tomac.

As for the tower announcers, half the team was made up of Carl Rattay, who has vast experience working at both Camp Perry and the NRA National Police Shooting Championships. The other, Richard Ashmore, served as an NRA game official for many years.

Pistol fights by the Camp Atterbury crew

SFC Greg Markowski takes center stage in the team fights here. Precision pistol shooters enjoyed the protection offered by the new 100-point shooting range.

I’ve competed in some ways in the NRA National Matches since 2007, and the team that filled the 2021 Pistol Nationals at Camp Atterbury was among the hardest-working I’ve seen. Without their help – as well as that of the many NRA volunteers – the 2021 NRA National Games would not have been possible.

NRA Match Officials at Camp Atterbury

There are occasional problems with the game at a new venue like Camp Atterbury. Here, Match staff examine a target turner.

2021 NRA National Precision Pistol Championship Rankings

2021 NRA National Precision Pistol Championship Rankings

Check out the full 2021 NRA National Pistol Championships results here.

The Indiana State Rifle and Pistol Association team was joined by some special on-site spectators.

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