Shooting Sports USA | Opponents’ Nook: April 2021

Do you know who your national champion is? Every year, NRA state championships are held nationwide in popular disciplines such as air rifle, BB rifle, smallbore, high performance rifle, precision pistol, silhouette and more. For year-round local match coverage, please visit Shooting Sports USA’s Score Sheets. For April we have put together the 2020 NRA State Champions. Check out the list of NRA State Champions here.

What other equipment is required to be successful in precision shooting games like the Precision Rifle Series or the National Rifle League after purchasing a suitable rifle, optics, and ammunition? The author and accomplished long-range shooter Rei Hoang asks this question in Product Focus in April and shares her recommendations for shooting bags, bipods, weather gauges, dope cards and more. Read their guide to essential equipment for precision rifle competitions in this month’s Product Focus.

5 must-have pieces of equipment for PRS

Field Editor Chris Christian says, “Saving ammunition doesn’t have to cost a lot.” This month, the first installment of his series on reloading small arms on budget explains the pros and cons of progressive and single-stage presses, what to look for in a reloading tool kit, and how to effectively clean and lubricate brass cartridge cases. Be sure to read Part 1 of “Reloading on a Budget”.

Reloading on a budget

Competitive shooters often gain a new appreciation for everything that goes into modern match-grade weapons after shooting “as-given” rifles in the Vintage Military Rifle competition. For those interested in living the story of combat rifles at a match, the thrill of entering a VMR competition can’t be beat, but the two-stage military triggers they have aren’t exactly buttery soft. This month, Field Editor Art Merrill explains how you can improve the triggering of your VMR competition weapon without breaking the rules. You can read Merrill’s guide here.

VMR trigger instructions

With the current shortage of ammunition, it is not always possible to shoot live fire at a range. However, you can still hone your gun skills at home by working on your equipment manipulation skills – especially your draw. In his article, “Improving the Draw Stroke,” author Dick Jones describes six steps you must take at home to improve your pistol draw by observing your reflection in the mirror. Adding a clean, quick pistol pull to your repertoire will increase your action shooting results and force you to become a safe gun handler. Read what Jones had to say about improving gun drawing.

Enhance the character stroke

– John Parker
Editor-in-chief, Shooting USA

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In our efforts to recruit more reporters, we often hear the comment, “But I’m not a writer.” What people overlook is that they are there and hear and see the action firsthand. Editing and completing the article is our job. So if you would like to try to share draft reports and photos from national level matches or interviews with key people in the shooting sport, please email us at [email protected]

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