Shooting Sports USA | RCBS Expands Matchmaster, Group D Die Lines

The manufacturer of ammunition reloaders RCBS is expanding its product range for Matchmaster and Group D Die with several new cartridge options.

RCBS Matchmaster Seater Die ($ 114.99).

Starting with the RCBS Matchmaster Die line, it now includes a 6 mm ARC model for both the stand-alone Competition Seating Die and the full Competition FL Bushing Die Set. For the RCBS Group D Die-Line, RCBS has FL die sets for 22 Creedmoor, 6 mm GT, .300 PRC, 6.5 Weatherby RPM, 9.3×64 mm Brenneke, 8×58 mmR Danish Krag, 8×50 mmR Austrian and .30 R Blaser added.

The Matchmaster die set contains two dies for precise reloading – a full-length sizing die with an expander decapper and a seat die with a ball-sitter window. In addition, the titanium carbo-nitride expander in the calibration tools reduces the force that is required when calibrating with the expander button installed.

The Group D die was developed for reloading bottleneck housings and consists of a full-length sizer die with an expander decap unit and a seat die with ball-seat plug. The die brings the housing to minimal SAAMI cartridge dimensions.

MSRP is $ 185.95 for the Matchmaster Competition FL Bushing Tool Set and $ 128.95 for the Matchmaster Competition Seat Tool only. All Group D models have an MSRP of $ 89.95. Both the Matchmaster and Group D sets come with a lifetime warranty.

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