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Publisher’s Note: 2010 was big for the NRA National Pistol Championships with a total of 770 entries for the match that year at Camp Perry. Here is former editor-in-chief Chip Lohman’s coverage of the event as published in the September 2010 issue of Shooting USA.

National Pistol Championships 2010
By Chip Lohman

The NRA National Championships are well organized, run like clockwork, and the gun matches at Camp Perry, Ohio are no exception. The punctual cannon shot at 7:30 a.m., the commanding voice of the tower speakers and the watchful eye of every volunteer line officer make you feel like you’ve stepped onto an Olympic field – with one exception. Everyone can play. Thanks to a proven classification and squadding system, shooters of all levels can shoot shoulder to shoulder. As with all shooting sports, Tyros (new shooters) are greeted by other athletes who can help explain how many targets to get on the line or provide tips on how to fill out your first scorecard. In fact, there are more archers and unclassified archers out there than masters, as the table below shows.

Brian Zins of Poland, Ohio returned to the podium this year, claiming his 10th win, a “most wins” record that began with his seventh league title in 2005. Zins’ 2650-134X score that year surpassed the 2009 score of 2646-141X fired by SFC Jim Henderson of the US Army Marksmanship Unit.

Brian Zins

Brian Zins (r.) On the podium at the 2010 awards ceremony.

Dr. Judy Tant (East Lansing, Michigan) won her third straight national title and sixth overall victory with a constant 2565-69X. (Her 2009 title was won on a 2566-72X.) If you don’t already know Judy, you can read her bio in the November 2009 issue of SSUSA.

Eighteen-year-old Bryan Layfield (Clarksburg, WV) swept nine of the Junior and Collegiate categories in the .22 LR and .45 calibers. Games as well as the entire junior aggregate. Having started his shooting career less than two years ago, it’s fair to refer to Layfield as “natural.” Credit Allen White, twice a member of the NRA’s USA Civilian Pistol Team, for recruiting and coaching Layfield. Brian Zins, take note.

2010 Mayleigh Cup team

2010 Mayleigh Cup team at Camp Perry.

Shooters from the United States and 16 other countries came to Port Clinton from July 12th to 19th, many using the previous week’s regional match in Canton, Ohio, to warm up. By the way, the three best players in the canton were SFC Jim Henderson (2667-148X), Brian Zins (2656-136X) and Lyman Grover (2655-124X). Not surprisingly, Dr. Judy Tant High Woman in Canton with a 2562-86X and Bryan Layfield High Junior with a 2582-86X.

Daily ranking of the 2010 NRA National Pistol Championships

Daily ranking of the 2010 NRA Pistol Championship

Notice that there are several hundred additional items listed in the final online results. This makes the NRA nationals unique. Everyone can play. In the words of President Theodore Roosevelt: “… It is not the critic that matters; not the man pointing out how the strong man stumbles or where the perpetrator could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena … ”

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