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Husband, father, son, brother, friend, teacher and coach – these are just some of the things Aron Bright highlighted. For all of us lucky enough to know Aron, he would leave a lasting impression on our lives, and his death will also have a lasting impact.

Aron Bright was born in Connersville, Indiana on May 17, 1970 to Phillip and Susan Bright and grew up in Centerville, Indiana. He attended Manchester College, competed as a National Qualifier Wrestler, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Sciences from Education. He then married Marcia Bright on May 29, 1993 and began his teaching and coaching career at Centerville High School. He later moved to Avon High School in 1995. Aron and Marcia have two children, daughter Alyssa and son Royce.

Over many years as an educator, soccer and wrestling coach, he has had a positive impact on countless lives. Aron was an excellent storyteller for both history and humor. In 2011 he earned a Masters in History from Indiana State University. He then switched to the largest US history course with two credit points at Avon HS by enrolling in the Excel program at Vincennes University in Indiana.

Aron Bright trains his son Royce.

Aron also ran his own very successful company, Bright Firearms Training. In addition, he has participated in USPSA masterclass games nationwide and has served as game director at the Wabash Valley Practical Shooting Sports and USPSA clubs in Parabellum. Aron was also a published author on several gun training and wrestling publications, as well as in USPSA magazine.

Whether from the wrestling mat, on the sidelines, in the classroom, on the track, or just passing by, you knew you were dealing with a man who was passionate about what he was doing in that moment.

Aron was always looking for teachable or trainable moments, be it with a student, a fellow teacher, his players, his wrestlers, his team or with his friends and family. “Coach” did what he did best and we will all miss him.

Coach and I have been able to work together for the past few years, writing articles and writing reviews. Hopefully by the time you’ve read them you could see through the words and understand how much fun we had. For the past seven months we have been able to get into the area during his cancer treatments as well – and as we dealt with everything that was going on, we pushed ourselves further.

In September 2020 we shot the Indiana Section Match together. It was a beautiful day outside with perfect weather and Coach was feeling pretty good and shooting one of his best section games. We had a great squad, his son Royce shot with us and we discussed plans for more reviews and games. If we had known that this would be the last time we would film together, we would certainly have been a lot harder.

Aron called me after they woke him up to let him know what he already knew. I could shake hands with my friend, say thank you, and say goodbye the morning before he died.

Each of us who interacted with Coach have similar memories and stories, whether on the track, as a player for him or as a student in his classroom. His classroom was everywhere he was and we all learned from him. We are all affected in one way or another. We will all remember the times we had to spend with him and the fun that would always happen because of him. But let’s not forget the most important lessons we learned from Coach.

  • Always be ready and always do your best.
  • Don’t waver in your beliefs and stand strong.
  • Never miss an opportunity to help someone else.
  • Always be honest with others – even when the truth hurts.
  • Always be true to yourself.
  • Trust is not arrogance.
  • Be ready to learn.
  • Always be the role model.

Losing Aron Bright is a void that cannot be filled, but we can all take what we learned from Coach and move forward and become better people from the lessons he left us.

Aron Bright |  May 1970 - January 2021

Aron Bright
May 17, 1970 – January 25, 2021

Tribute to Aron Bright, originally published in the March / April 2021 issue of USPSA magazine. Read Aron Bright’s articles posted on

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