Shooting USA | BREAKING: NRA annual meeting 2021 canceled

FAIRFAX, Virginia. – Out of concern for the safety of our NRA family and community, we regret to inform you that we have decided to cancel the 2021 annual meeting and exhibitions. This cancellation applies to all events and meetings that were scheduled in Houston. We will inform you about an alternative date for the annual general meeting in the future.

We are making this tough decision after analyzing relevant data on COVID-19 in Harris County, Texas. We also consulted with medical professionals, local officials, main sponsors and exhibitors, as well as many NRA members, before reaching that decision. The NRA annual meeting welcomes tens of thousands of people and includes many events, meetings, and social gatherings. The highlights of our annual get-together include several acres of exhibition space with the latest and greatest firearms, the display of countless accessories, and the range of adventures and group get-togethers for which many travel hundreds, some even thousands of kilometers. We understand that delivering the full guest experience our NRA members deserve would prove difficult, if not impossible.

The NRA’s number one priority is ensuring the health and wellbeing of our members, employees, sponsors and supporters. We recognize that the NRA annual meeting patrons will return to family, friends and co-workers from across the country, so any effects of the virus could have far-reaching implications. These are, among other things, the reasons why we decided to cancel our event in 2021.

We thank our members, visitors, exhibitors and employees for their understanding and support. We appreciate the many contributions from the George R. Brown Convention Center, state and local officials, community organizers, area hotels, and myriad venues across Houston. We have tremendous support from Houston and the state of Texas – and we hope to return to Bayou City for a full annual gathering.

The NRA looks forward to a Freedom Celebration in Louisville in May 2022. In the meantime, we will support many other NRA local events and smaller gatherings in ways that protect our members and celebrate our freedom under the Second Amendment.

We wish our entire NRA family continued health and safety.

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