Shooting USA | New: Federal Premium High Overall Shotshell Line

Federal Ammunition’s newest shotgun product is called Federal Premium High Over All, which the company abbreviates as HOA. Federal Premium HOA is already being featured at regional and national events and will make its official debut at the Minnesota HOA State Championship Shoot at the Minnesota Horse and Hunt Club in Prior Lake, Minnesota, August 27-29.

Federal’s new HOA shotshell includes: 1. Brass head, 2. Bullet primer, 3. Integrated basewad and tapered body design, 4. One-piece podium wad, 5. High antimony lead shot, and 6. Eight-segment crimp.

Describing Federal Premium High Over All, the company describes: “A hard, antimony-rich lead payload and an exclusive one-piece podium wad create the most consistent patterns, while the solid brass head and tapered, one-piece hull make reloading easier than ever for beginners to elite and all marksmen in between, it’s the ultimate load for anyone who wants to throw more sand targets at a distance. “

Currently, the Federal Premium HOA line offers several 12-gauge 2¾-inch (16 to be precise) offerings with a wide range of payloads, speed, dram, and shot sizes to suit competitive shooters in multiple disciplines.

National high overall

Federal Premium High Over All 12 gauge target loads for skeet, sport toning, and trap.

Here’s what Federal Ammunition President Jason Vanderbrink had to say about the introduction of the Federal Premium HOA.

“We look forward to building on the great dynamism of this new line of products. Competitive shooters have asked Federal for new competition gear – and we have had the best results ever. Top shoots across the country have loved our new HOA product and we look forward to bringing it to market in the months ahead of the National Sporting Clays Tournament in Texas. ”

At the upcoming HOA shoot in Minnesota, federal engineers, ambassadors, and riflemen will be on hand to showcase the product and answer questions. In addition, the competition shooters from Team Federal Derrick Mein, Janet McDougal, Cameron Hicks, Curt Halbakken and Gregg Wolf will compete in the championship.

As for future HOA products, Federal says a full range of sub-gauge offerings will appear over the next year. Learn more at

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