Shooting USA | New: Springfield Armory LevAR rechargeable handle with ratchet function

Springfield Armory’s new LevAR ratchet rechargeable handle offers AR-15 users a 3: 1 mechanical advantage over conventional rechargeable handles. The company says, “The LevAR installs in seconds and is compatible with any standard top AR-15 receiver.”

As we all know, a stuck cartridge in an AR-15 renders it unusable. Instead of hitting the rifle on the ground to free stuck cases, you can simply remove stuck cartridges with the new LevAR ratchet loading handle.

The LevAR, shown here with an extended arm, also serves as a two-handed option to recharge the rifle.

The operation is similar to normal rechargeable handles, except that the LevAR allows the user to extend the ratchet arm for a mechanical advantage. An upper button enables the ratchet arm to be rotated. Grasp the arm and pull it back to eject the stuck sheath. When the arm is not extended, the LevAR works similarly to a standard rechargeable handle.

MSRP is $ 99. Learn more at

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