Shootings leave Covington man severely injured, damage at apartments

COVINGTON, Ga. – A Covington man was reportedly in serious condition in an Atlanta hospital after he was shot in the stomach early Sunday, February 14, after several officers responded to a “gun battle” had.

And officials responded to an unrelated shootout on Friday evening, Feb.12, that did not result in injuries but caused at least one woman to flee the area with her two children while the bullets were flying.

The incident early Sunday led Covington police to charge Covington 22-year-old Terry Smith with a number of serious personal injuries after the shooting victim was found in the driveway of his home with six gunshot wounds.

At least 20 officers answered the call on Collier Street in South Covington, which was originally reported as a firearm that was fired at around 12:43 a.m. Sunday.

The officer reportedly responded to the first call and heard the dispatcher inform him that Covington Police had received multiple calls about shooting.

About five minutes after the initial call, the officer reported that he had “fired several shots that sounded like a gun battle” while waiting for the backup to arrive.

“Shortly after the shooting stopped, a brightly colored small car sped up the street, then stopped and drove back,” said a report.

The officer used a patrol car as cover to locate the incident and found a woman who waved to officers and “declared that her husband had been shot.”

The officers then began providing assistance to the victim while other officers secured the scene. The victim “was vigilant and said his neighbor shot him,” the report said.

Investigators reportedly found numerous spent cartridges with 9mm bullets in the courtyard.

After speaking with witnesses, the officers found that they were looking for two suspects known as “Ook” and “T.” identified. The couple tried to get away from the scene wearing a 2006 Hyundai blue accent before backing up, stopping, and pulling away from the vehicle, the report said.

The reporter later checked vehicles waiting to get to their homes “on the other side of the crime line” at around 2:50 am

“One of the vehicles I approached was occupied by a passenger who was physically described,” said one of the suspects’ report.

“When I asked where they were going, he stated the house where the incident took place,” the officer said.

The resident of the house told the officer that she was not expecting anyone. Officials arrested the man identified as Smith and witnesses identified him as a shooter, the report said.

An Armsor 206.38 pistol was used as evidence.

A shoe was also found that may belong to Ook, the report said. He was described as wearing a red T-shirt, black jeans, black slides with white socks, and a deeply faded haircut.

Smith was detained in the Newton County Jail on Monday, untied.

Meanwhile, Covington Police reported Friday evening, February 12th they were investigating a report of a multiple person shooting around an apartment building that caused property damage, including a cracked water pipe, but no injuries.

An officer reportedly responded to the call at Magnolia Heights Circle around 8:30 p.m. on Friday and saw water come from an apartment.

The officer then took two men and three women out of the home and found that a bullet had broken a main water pipe to the home. The officer also found bullet holes in the wall and door and 9 mm cartridge cases.

“At that point, all suspects were searched and detained,” the report said.

“Cartridge cases were found in the apartment and in the back stairwell leading away from the building. Several live rounds were also found in front of the apartment,” the report said.

Bullet holes were also found in a vehicle parked between two buildings.

One person told The Covington News that she was in a breeze in the complex with their two children when the incident took place.

“We had to run for our lives. In the truest sense of the word,” said the woman.

Suspects were taken to Covington Police Department for interviews while a crime scene technician collected cartridges and live rounds and took photos as evidence. No further information was reported.

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