Sig Completes Delivery of Next Gen Infantry Weapons to Army ::

Based in New Hampshire Sig Sauer It was announced this week that shipments of the next generation Squad Weapons system to the U.S. Army have been completed.

As previously reported by, Sig is one of three contractors who were awarded the contract by the Pentagon in 2019 to continue the NGSW program. The comprehensive initiative aims to replace the Army’s 5.56mm NATO small arms – such as the M4 Carbine and M249 Squad automatic weapon. The Sig program consists of a self-developed, light high-performance hybrid ammunition with 6.8 mm (caliber .277), light machine guns NGSW-AR, NGSW-R rifles and silencers.

Specifically, the other two competitors vying for the NGSW contract will be consortia, while Sig will be alone – with components of their system manufactured in their Arkansas and New Hampshire plants.

“This historic moment marks the culmination of an incredible collaboration between the US Army and Sig,” said Ron Cohen, company president and CEO. “We commend the army leadership for having the vision to carry out this monumental procurement process and for remaining vigilant in its mission to bring a modern, transforming weapon system to the battlefield.”

Sig’s MCX Spear series carbine is said to be the Army’s NGSW-R, replacing the M4. The standard equipment includes a fully collapsible and collapsible shaft, a rear and side rechargeable handle, a free-floating, reinforced M-LOK handguard, controls that can be operated completely with both hands and a quickly removable Sig Next Generation suppressor. (Photo: Sig Sauer)

Sigs Lightweight MG is an all-purpose belt-drive weapon intended to be used as the Army’s NGSW-AR. It replaces the M249, while hitting the scales at 40 percent lighter, and with a cartridge that has twice the effective range of 5.56. (Photo: Sig Sauer)

Both platforms use Sig’s 6.8mm hybrid ammunition, which offers significant weight reduction over traditional ammunition while offering better performance and penetration. (Photo: Sig Sauer)

Cohen said this week that throughout the program, the company had “unprecedented access” to the soldiers and Marines who will ultimately use these weapons.

“These Soldier Touchpoint Events have resulted in rapid advances over current weapon systems and resulted in us delivering the most innovative, next-generation Squad Weapons system to the US Army,” he said.

According to the Army Acquisition Support Center, an election and a decision on the winner of the NGSW program will take place this fiscal year. The first unit will be equipped with production weapons in 2022.

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