SIU clears London police of shooting suspect near city center in July – London

The provincial police station acquitted a London police officer of criminal misconduct after a suspect was shot dead with knives by police near the city center this summer.

The Special Investigation Unit (SIU) announced Thursday that officials had been called to the crime scene on the 300 block of Dufferin Avenue at around 10:30 p.m. on July 21 with a reported domestic disturbance.

According to the SIU report, the police were contacted by a woman who told dispatch that she had been detained by her partner outside of her address, who announced that there would be a “bloodbath” tonight and that he would slit his wrists .

A minute later, the caller informed the police that her partner “now has a knife in his hands”. Two minutes later, she realized that he had mentioned in the past that he wanted “cop suicide.”

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At the scene of the crime, officers located the man who came out of the apartment and made his way to officers stationed in the driveway, the SIU report said, and found that the man appeared to have knives on both hands.

An officer identified as Witness Officer No. 1 spoke to the man, who asked him if he wanted to be stabbed. The officer asked the man what was going on and assured him that the police were not interested in a confrontation, the SIU report said.

“Despite repeated instructions from officials to drop the knives in his possession and stop his advance, the complainant continued to move in their direction,” the report said.

Another officer, identified as Witness Officer No. 2, took aim and placed his taser on the man’s chest, but the man remained on his feet and approached the officers, the report said. About 30 seconds later, the No. 1 Witness officer fired his taser, but the man “kept on following the officer,” the report said.

At that point, the SIU said that the officer at the center of the agency’s investigation, identified as the subject officer, fired his semi-automatic pistol twice and hit the man in his right thigh and left hand, causing him to fall to the ground the back.

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“The officers approached the complainant, put his arms to the pavement with his feet as they ‘cut’ the knives from his wrists and tended to his injuries,” the SIU report said. The man was later taken to the hospital by paramedics.

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In his decision, SIU Director Joseph Martino stated that after his assessment of the evidence there was insufficient evidence to assume that the officer who shot the man had committed a criminal offense, in particular Section 34 of the Criminal Code for self-defense.

“I am satisfied that the (subject officer) acted to thwart a reasonably arrested knife attack by the complainant,” writes Martino in his decision, noting that despite repeated warnings, the man continued to approach knives at the officers directed.

“He remained undeterred, even after two (wired energy weapons) were used in his direction. Based on these files, I am convinced that the (subject officer) acted to protect (witness officer # 1) who is apparently not much further within two meters of the complainant, and possibly even himself , stopped when he fired his gun, ”continues Martino.

“In order to reach this conclusion, it is instructive to point out that (Witness Officer # 1) and (Witness Officer # 2) both in a situation similar to that of the (Subject Officer) believed the life of (Witness Officer No. 1) would be in immediate danger. ”

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Martino goes on to say that he was satisfied that the (subject officer) ‘s use of shots was a sensible use of force, since efforts to verbal de-escalation and the use of the guided energy weapons were pointless.

Under the circumstances, the (witness’s officer) apparently could not have done much other than firing his firearm at the complainant if he wanted to prevent a potentially fatal attack on himself or the person of (witness officer No. 1). ” he writes.

“Although the officers, including the case officer, had pulled back a little to maintain a certain distance between them and the complainant, the withdrawal was not a realistic option given the presence of (Witness No. 1) and her daughter legitimate concerns about their health and safety.

The full SIU report can be found on the agency’s website.

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