Smith & Wesson M&p15 – For Sale, Used

M & P15 rifles are the ideal modern sport rifle. Designed for different purposes in different conditions, these rifles are as versatile as they are reliable. Designed for a wide variety of recreational, sport shooting and professional applications, they are easy to equip but difficult to take off. M&P15 rifles are light and robust and embody the best combination of function and form.

Description of the seller

This Smith & Wesson M&P 15 is a great entry-level AR-15 and is compatible with most standard AR-15 Mil-Spec components and accessories. It is chambered in 300 AAC blackout and made with a simple design while remaining reliable and accurate. This rifle is a perfect option for those looking to get their first or next AR. It was designed for military, police, and personal use. This model has a carabiner length gas system and camo dip. It is in very good condition and comes with a 10-round ASC magazine.

UPC GDC0000018093
caliber .300 AAC BLACKOUT
action SEED CAR
capacity 10 ROUNDS
Barrel length 16 BARREL
Weight 6.6 LBS.

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