Sorry Josh, Eagle Arms Productions Will Allow Sales of ‘Ghost Gun’ Build Kits After All

Courtesy JSD Supply

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro rushed news to the nearest television cameras on Monday to announce with concern that he’d managed to pressurize the state’s largest gun show organizer to sell ghost gun kits on theirs End shows.

Eagle Arms Productions confirmed the agreement at the time, but did not comment on their decision. The attempt to ban the sale of the kits was apparently facilitated behind the scenes by an allegedly pro-gun organization called Firearms Owners Against Crime.

That was then and now. After much discussion and argument, Eagle Arms has reversed its decision and will continue to enable 80% kits to be sold at the company’s shows in Keystone State.

The news media twisted some facts!

Posted by EAGLE ARMS Productions on Wed 17th Mar 2021

TTAG spoke to Jordan Vinroe, president of Pennsylvania-based weapons supplier JSD Supply, this afternoon. He confirmed the new agreement that Eagle would require vendors selling kits at their trade shows to sign a sales agreement stating that the buyer is of legal age, is not a prohibited person and can legally own a firearm.

Attorney General Josh ShapiroJosh Shapiro, Pennsylvania Attorney General (AP Photo / Matt Rourke)

This reversal of policy is not going to make AG Shapiro happy at all. Which is a real shame.

JSD made the following statement on About Face. . .

JSD supply

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