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Pawn shops can be a one-stop shop during the holiday season, and Joey Slipher, owner of Southern Cash and Pawn, said his store has something for everyone from guns and video games to instruments and jewelry.

Southern Cash and Pawn at 224 State St., McComb has served southwest Mississippi since 1987 and has the largest selection of firearms in the area, along with other gift items.

“We sold a lot of jewelry, a lot of game systems, and new and used musical instruments,” said Slipher. “We sell both new and used game accessories.”

Slipher said his business gets a bump during the holidays, mostly from people looking for Christmas gifts, but added that his biggest place to stay during the holiday season is borrowing, using items as leverage to help people to get through the season with enough money to buy gifts for each family member.

“Our number 1 vacation spot is borrowing funds to begin with, and that’s exactly what we’re doing before Christmas,” he said, adding that there is no credit check and the loan has no credit impact in any way.

“That would be worth just about anything: electronics, jewelry, firearms, tools, and musical instruments.

“We give loans to people who need extra money over Christmas. Instead of getting a credit card, many people either sell things to us or mortgage them to us while we lend them money for their items.

“It’s a simple, short-term process that doesn’t affect your bankroll.”

Slipher’s next big product is firearms. There have been shortages throughout the year due to the pandemic and social unrest in the country. Since then, however, the supply of most firearms has decreased, with the exception of a shortage of ammunition.

“Our main vendors in this business have always been firearms and accessories, telescopic sights and hunting accessories,” he said. “What we saw this year was the greatest shortage of firearms and ammunition in this country since, or at least since, World War II.

“Ammunition is the only thing we’re missing, but we still have a lot. It’s just not what it usually is. “

Slipher said his business had hunting rifles, large-bore rifles, semi-automatic rifles, and all types and calibers of shotguns and handguns of all brands and calibers.

“But we still have a lot of handguns and rifles and self-defense weapons. There was a bit of a shortage of these, but they’re back now, ”he said.

Guns and cash aren’t the only things Southern Cash and Pawn do business with. There is a wide variety of video games and consoles from major brands such as Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo.

The store also has a large selection of power tools and jewelry. Southern Cash and Pawn is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and closed on Sundays.

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