Speeding driver arrested after pot, 2 guns found in car


A South Bend man was arrested on April 2 after a La Porte County sheriff’s deputy found two guns and drugs in his car.

Delmonte Campbell, 31, was stopped in a parking lot near US 20 near the CR-400E for traffic violations and speeding at around 2:30 p.m.

When Campbell got out of his car at the assistant’s request, he threw something on the passenger side of the car. The passenger then got out and walked towards a trash can. She was instructed not to throw away any items and Campbell was taken into custody.

When a second deputy arrived, the first deputy found a loaded pistol magazine on the driver’s side and a pistol between the passenger side and the center console. The loaded weapon was identified as the Czech Republic (CZ) P-10C. There was a loaded 9mm magazine on the driver’s side of the console. A pink and black pistol was recovered from under a shirt on the passenger floor of the front seat. The pistol, a SCCY CPX-2, was loaded with an extended 30-round magazine. A significant amount of marijuana and drug paraphernalia was also found in the car.

In addition, MPs learned that Campbell was wanted on three pending arrest warrants from St. Joseph County.

Campbell was taken to La Porte County Jail and charged with carrying an unlicensed pistol, prior conviction (level 5 crimes) and trafficking marijuana, prior conviction (level 6 crimes). He was held without bond. He also received traffic quotes for signaling errors after driving too tight and too fast.

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