Springfield Armory SAINT Victor Hunts Up a NEW Round in 350 Legend

Adam Scepaniak 02/12/20

If you are in the market for a modern sporting rifle but want to use it for hunting, this can be a problem. This is only a problem because 5.56 mm NATO / 223 Rem are often too small for hunting medium and large game. Yes, there are 308 Win rifles in the AR-10 platform, but these can be a little heavy for some people. So what’s the happy middle ground? … Maybe you could try something in 350 Legend. Maybe it could be a Springfield Armory rifle, too.

Springfield Armory has taken its SAINT Victor basic rifle and chambered it in the new, popular and straightforward cartridge from 350 Legend. The 350 Legend cartridge is still pretty new as it was unveiled on January 21, 2019 at this year’s SHOT Show. Even so, it has found a home for many hunters as it is a straight walled cartridge that is widely accepted for hunting. The full specifications of the New SAINT Victor in 350 Legend can be read from Springfield Armory below:

  • CALIBER: 350 legend
  • COLOUR: black
  • BARREL: 16 “CMV, Melonite®, 1: 8
  • TOURIST ATTRACTIONS: Low Profile Spring-Loaded Adjustable Flip-Up
  • TOP RECEIVER: Forged 7075 T6 aluminum, type III hard coating anodized, forward assistant, M4 feed ramps
  • LOWER RECEIVER: Forged 7075 T6 aluminum, Type III hard-coated anodized Accu-Tite ™ clamping system
  • BOLT CARRIER GROUP: Improved M16 with nickel-boron coated 9310 steel bolt, HPT / MPI, Melonite®
  • GAS SYSTEM: Medium-length, low-profile gas block with direct impact
  • HAND PROTECTION: Aluminum Free Float with SA locking tabs, M-Lok

350 legend

  • TRIGGER: Nickel boron coated flat GI
  • MUZZLE DEVICE: SA muzzle brake
  • BUFFER ASSEMBLY: Carabiner “H” heavy tungsten buffer
  • CIRCUIT BREAKER: One-sided
  • MAGAZINES: (1) 5 rounds
  • WEIGHT: 6 lbs 12 oz
  • LENGTH: 32.25 “- 35.5”

The current MSRP for the Springfield Armory SAINT Victor in 350 Legend is $ 1,073. Many hunting seasons have come to an end in the United States, so it’s a little late for athletes to get into this rifle and use it for big game hunting this year. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t a great Christmas present. The following press release describing the SAINT Victor 350 legend offers some motivation for hunters to try it out:

The SAINT® Victor rifle is now available in 350 Legend for hunting in states requiring straight-walled cartridges. The 350 Legend is the fastest series-produced cartridge with straight walls in the world with an effective range of up to 250 meters and is perfect for use in the SAINT Victor. Equipped with a free-floating hand guard for more accuracy and a 5-round magazine, the new SAINT Victor in 350 Legend is specially designed for white-tailed hunters.

In a market where there are few AR-15s in 350 Legend, Springfield Armory has come up with a quality offering that can tempt us all. I’ve shot several bolt action rifles in the 350 Legend and got good results, but I’m curious to see how a modern sports rifle might behave. What do you think? Would you immerse yourself in something like this? As always, let us know all of your thoughts in the comments below! We always look forward to your feedback.

350 legend

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