Stanislaus County serial robber charged with Iowa murder

A Modesto man convicted of a series of armed robberies in Turlock and Modesto was extradited to Iowa to be charged with murder.

Mykel Roberts, 29, was convicted in 2019 of a series of armed robberies at gas stations, mini-marts and a pizzeria during a stroll that began in March 2019 and lasted until July 2019.

Modesto Police Department said Roberts would go into stores either alone or with an accomplice and use a firearm to threaten the employees and demand the money. He usually wore a mask. In the Turlock heist, which took place at the Chevron gas station at 2901 Geer Road, Roberts fired a gun at the employee, but no injuries were reported.

Roberts’ capture was started when the Modesto Police Street Gang Unit spotted him patrolling Sutter and Rouse avenues. Roberts, consistent with a description of a suspect attempting to rob a small Caesar’s pizza shop, drove a black older model Honda Accord that had been stolen from Turlock earlier that day.

The officers tried to stop Roberts, but he sped away. The decision was made to quickly end the chase because of Robert’s reckless driving and the number of motorists on the road. He was last seen driving south on Highway 99.

Roberts took the Crows Landing Road exit and drove on to Ustick and Lynne Renee Court, where he crashed the stolen vehicle and escaped on foot. He was eventually captured while hiding at a friend’s house on the 1500s block of Lynne Renee Court.

Serious Crime Detectives took over the investigation and a search warrant was served on the Lynne Renee Court address. In the course of the investigation, Roberts was found to be the suspect in seven commercial robberies that involved a suspect using a short barreled AR15 rifle. Four raids occurred in the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department, three in Modesto and one in Turlock.

Roberts was convicted of the robbery and was serving his sentence when he decided to confess to a shooting in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in March 2020.

Roberts supposedly had some information but wasn’t sure of the victim’s name. A detective in the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department interviewed Roberts to try to gather more details and verify the confession. Eventually the victim was identified as Dexter Meeks, 22, from Cedar Rapids.

Just before 3 a.m. on June 26, 2011, Meeks was sitting on the porch of his apartment building with his brother Andrew Meeks. The two had just walked home from the Tycoon Bar in downtown Cedar Rapids, according to the Cedar Rapids Police Department.

“While they were talking outside, Andrew Meeks watched a man walk east from the alley next to their apartment building,” police said. “The subject stopped in the street and started shooting a pistol at Dexter and Andrew Meeks. Andrew Meeks told investigators that he could get into the main door of the building while Dexter Meeks pushed him through the door. After entering the building, Andrew Meeks stated that he looked back to see that Dexter Meeks had fallen into the entrance area. Dexter Meeks had a gunshot wound to his head and would succumb to his injuries a short time later. “

Investigators believe the shooting was linked to an altercation that had previously occurred at the bar.

“Investigators interviewed Roberts and were given a full, detailed confession that supported and confirmed many of the details of the shooting incident learned during the investigation,” the police department said.

The Linn County Procuratorate, Iowa, filed a three-point complaint indicting Roberts of first degree murder, attempted murder, and willful armament. He is being held on bail of $ 3 million.

The warrant was served on Roberts in California and he was extradited to Linn County Jail.

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