State police arrest three for armed robbery

April 21 – MORGANTOWN – West Virginia State Police have arrested and charged three men for robbing a man at his home at gunpoint.

Shane Thomason (20), Jalen McKissick (25) and Nasaiah Thomason (19) are charged with robbery, burglary, conspiracy and willful endangering with a firearm.

Soldier AL Barnett was sent to Rolling Hills Village on April 14 for the reported robbery.

The victim told Barnett when he entered his house that a criminal complaint said the door would open again as soon as he closed it. The victim looked at his door and saw three or four masked men with guns and recognized the next person as his nephew, Shane Thomason. The victim also recognized McKissick – his girlfriend’s cousin’s fiancé.

The victim said he tried to take the pistol from Shane, but McKissick raised his pistol to the victim’s head, pulled the sled back, and said, “Don’t move,” according to the complaint. While Shane held the victim at gunpoint, he took $ 800 cash and a debit card from the victim. The suspects then ran away.

The victim said they wore black hoodies, black ski masks and the guns were described as black semi-automatic pistols.

The video from a neighbor’s surveillance camera confirmed the victim’s statements, wrote Barnette.

The next day, Barnette checked footage from two days prior to the robbery and saw two men, identified by the victim as McKissick and Shane, enter the victim’s home and leave moments later. The complaint states that the two did not have an entry permit.

Barnette also discovered on April 7th that McKissick’s fiancé had bought two 9mm pistols.

The three men were arrested at their home on Monday.

According to the complaint, McKissick said Nasaiah was the third suspect. McKissick and Nasaiah also admitted the crimes in “specific details that corroborated the information and evidence believed”.

Shane said he was not involved, the complaint said.

All three have been indicted by Magistrate Todd Gaujot and are being held in the North Central Regional Jail on bail of $ 50,000.

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