State Police in Milton seize weapons, drugs in traffic stops

RANDOLPH – Soldiers from Milton State Police barracks arrested two weapons in less than five hours last weekend, officials said Thursday.

33-year-old Jason Randall of Randolph was stopped on Route 24 in Stoughton after his expired black Cadillac operated “erratically” and turned off lane lines, police said.

Randall’s license had also been suspended and the police requested that his car be towed.

During a search, police found a Glock 19 gun that was fully loaded with a 20-round magazine. The gun has been reported stolen in South Carolina and Randall is not licensed to use it, police said.

Randall was arrested and marked for possession of a firearm, possession of a large capacity gun, violating a firearm with a previous violent or drug crime, obtaining stolen property, driving an unauthorized car, driving without a license, and one Accused of lane violation.

Three hours later, another soldier said he had run over a blue Mazda “with the headlights off and the windows thick” in Dorchester. The driver and his passenger began to act erratically after being run over, the soldier said.

After the soldier noticed scissors near the gears of the car, he called for assistance and the two men were removed from the car and searched. During the search, police found 24 white pills believed to be oxycodone, two bags of marijuana, cash “consistent with the sale of illegal narcotics” and a 9mm Smith and Wesson pistol that came with eight cartridges was loaded.

Malik Muhammad, 33, and Anthony Fernandes, 32, from Dorchester were both arrested.

Muhammad has been accused of owning a firearm without an FID card, obtaining a firearm with an illegible serial number, owning ammunition without a FID card, owning a firearm without an FID card, improperly storing a firearm, and carrying a firearm on a car window and driving with a light off.

Fernandes has been accused of not wearing a seat belt, wearing a firearm, receiving a firearm with an illegible serial number, owning ammunition without an FID card, improperly storing a firearm, owning a firearm without an FID card, one Class B substance to be distributed and possession of a Class D substance to be distributed

Milton State Police seized suspicious oxycodone, marijuana, a gun and cash from a traffic obstruction in Dorchester on Saturday April 3rd.

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