Still no motive in fatal convenience-store shooting

ALLENTOWN, PA (AP) – Authorities still don’t know why a man opened fire in a Pennsylvania supermarket last week, killed a truck driver who was pumping gasoline and wounded another man before he himself did this Took life.

The Lehigh County Prosecutor’s Office released more details about the killing spree on Wednesday, but said the suspect’s electronic devices, including his cell phone, revealed no information about the crime or any motive.

Za Uk Lian first shot a car on a freeway several miles away at around 4:45 a.m. on April 21, before heading to the Wawa supermarket in Upper Macungue Township outside Allentown. Lian had approached the woman’s car from behind, pulled into the right lane next to her, and fired a shot that hit the passenger door before speeding up the path, authorities said.

In the wawa, Lian stopped next to a parked jeep and shot and seriously wounded the driver. He then shot and killed 31-year-old Ramon Ramirez when Ramirez was pumping gasoline into his truck.

Lian did not interact with any of the victims before the shooting, the DA office said.

Lian then pointed his semi-automatic pistol at a group of people and confronted two other drivers in the Wawa parking lot and called for their vehicles before escaping on foot when the police arrived. He shot himself about a quarter of a mile away, said the prosecutor’s office.

Lian, a naturalized US citizen from Myanmar who settled in the US in 2013, had lived in Washington state before moving to the Allentown area two years ago. He worked at a Home Depot warehouse near the Wawa.

According to authorities, Lian legally purchased the gun he used in the shooting on January 31 and was given a concealed carry in March.

A longtime friend, Abraham Pa Cawi, said the shooting surprised him. He told that Lian was stressed because he had gotten sick and had to quit work despite having a language barrier. Cawi called him a “good guy, good-natured” who gave no warning that he was a threat.

The DA office said Lian last worked in the warehouse on April 9 and reportedly tested positive for COVID-19 on April 12.

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