Suspect and parents armed during the confrontation in Redding Park during the birthday party

REDDING, Calif. – A confrontation took place at Enterprise Park in Redding on Saturday that affected a child’s birthday party and resulted in an arrest for possession of a firearm.

Redding Police received several 911 calls on Saturday about a woman brandishing a machete in Enterprise Park. This happened near a group celebrating a child’s birthday.

One of the reports to law enforcement officials said the woman was swinging the machete near a diving board filled with children.

Police said they had also received reports that several parents at the birthday party owned firearms and had CCW (concealed carry) permits. Callers believed that the party’s gun owners intended to use their own firearms if the situation escalated.

When police arrived, they said they found a group of parents who were verbally confronted with 32-year-old Jamie Lynn Richardson standing next to a machete.

Officials said they found that the woman’s “unusual behavior” was due to methamphetamine use.

When police arrested Richardson, they said they made another discovery too. She was armed. Officials said they found a firearm in their pants – a loaded and hidden 380 semi-automatic pistol.

Richardson was booked for public poisoning and illegal possession of a hidden firearm.

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