Suspect with bad haircut arrested for burglary and assault on barber | Florida News

DeLand, FL – A suspect with a bad haircut was arrested for attacking and robbing DeLand barber shop in December, Volusia County Police Department reported today.

“Yesterday, MPs arrested an armed DeLand police suspect who was identified in an attack on a downtown barber shop in December,” a statement said.

DeLand MPs have made an arrest in connection with the robbery of a DeLand barber shop and police are looking for a second suspect. Malik Sanchez, 22, was arrested Wednesday in Deltona by the Volusia Sheriff’s MPs on a pending warrant for an armed robbery of a hairdresser outside the First Class Barber Shop on 120 East New York Avenue on December 13th .

“After the raid, the DeLand Police Department received several pieces of information from the public about the possible identity of the attackers, including an anonymous lead naming Sanchez and Damian Crafton, 29, as suspects,” the department said. “Based on this tip, detectives were able to use technology to gather evidence that showed that Crafton and Sanchez were in close proximity at the time of the attack.”

Police say Sanchez is the second assailant to be seen on surveillance videos running across the parking lot after Crafton hit the victim several times in the head with brass knuckles by the hand.

Police are still looking for Crafton, who is believed to have fled the state and may be in Texas.

“When he was arrested by MPs, Sanchez had a semi-automatic pistol and two other firearms and a ski mask in his vehicle,” police said.

In addition to a VSO charge of carrying a hidden weapon, Sanchez was charged with heavy battery with a lethal weapon, serious abuse of a disabled adult, and robbery with a lethal weapon. Sanchez remains in the Volusia County Branch Prison on a $ 42,500 bond.

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