Taylorsville man appears in court after shooting in Lenoir on Tuesday | Crime news

A Taylorsville man accused of shooting a Lenoir man outside the Caldwell County courthouse was on trial Tuesday.

Chad James Emke, 48, of Taylorsville appeared before Judge Richard Holloway on a video call from the Caldwell County Jail.

In a telephone interview, Holloway said he reminded Emke of the two charges he is facing: assault with a lethal weapon with intent to kill, serious injury and endangering children.

Holloway said he then asked Emke how he would like to be represented in his case. Emke applied for a court-appointed lawyer. Emke was assigned Bruce Cannon as his attorney. His next court date is August 2nd.

Emke is a suspect in a shooting that took place outside the courthouse on Monday. According to a press release from Lenoir Police, Emke and a 10-year-old man were in a vehicle near the Lenoir courthouse. At some point Travis Lee Webb approached Emke’s vehicle from Lenoir and a verbal argument ensued. During the altercation, Emke drew a 9mm semi-automatic pistol and shot Webb twice, the statement said.

Emke was taken into custody by the police shortly after the incident.

Lenoir Police Captain Couby Stilwell said Webb is still being treated for his injuries at the Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte on Tuesday.

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