Texas Governor Greg Abbott signs a constitutional carry and six other gun rights laws

Dan Z. for TTAG

Governor Greg Abbott held a signing ceremony at the Alamo in San Antonio this morning to sign seven bills that extend, and protect the right to keep and protect guns in the Lone Star State. For advocates of gun rights, it was a clean cleansing in the legislative period that has just ended, one of the most successful of all time.

The most prominent of the seven laws is, of course, HB 1927, which makes Texas the nation’s 21st constitutional carry state. It’s good to see Texas turning green on the map below, which documents the truly remarkable strides that the fight for gun rights has made in this country over the past 35 years.

The constitutional carry law does not come into force until September 1st. The other six new laws will be. . .

  • Make Texas a Protection State of the Second Amendment
  • Forbid the state from entering into contracts with companies that discriminate against companies related to the firearms industry
  • Allow those who open the wearer to do so in any holster (current law prescribes a belt or shoulder holster).
  • State government forbid stopping arms and ammunition sales during a declared emergency
  • Allow state travelers to store any firearms they carry in their hotel room
  • Exempt mufflers that are built, sold, and maintained in the state from regulation under the National Firearms Act

The NSSF particularly values ​​the anti-discrimination law that Governor Abbott signed and issued this statement. . .

The National Shooting Sports Foundation® (NSSF®), the firearms trade association, commended Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott for signing SB 19, the Firearms Non-Discrimination Act (FIND) entered into force. The law will now prevent “awakened” companies from taking advantage of Texas taxpayers’ money and using those profits to fund efforts to deny the same taxpayers their second amendment rights.

Governor Abbott held a signing ceremony at San Antonio’s Alamo for the FIND Act and other gun-related laws, including the constitutional carrying of firearms and NSSF-backed legislation prohibiting the state government from closing guns deals in emergencies.

“Governor Abbott and the Texas legislature have sent a clear message that Texas is unwilling to sell the rights of the second amendment to its citizens. Governor Abbott recognizes that it is wrong to force freedom-loving Texans to sponsor gun control through corporations, ”said Lawrence G. Keane, senior vice president and general counsel of the NSSF. “This is what courageous and determined leadership looks like. That means putting principles before profit and putting an end to boardroom activism that openly discriminates against the arms industry. The National Shooting Sports Foundation is grateful that Texas is leading the way in this model legislation to protect our rights and end corporate discrimination against legitimate businesses. ”

The new law requires companies wishing to do business with state and local governments to confirm that they have no policies discriminating against firearms or ammunition companies and will not implement such policies while the treaties are in place. The law ensures that taxpayer-funded contracts are not used to support policies that discriminate against and deny services to arms and ammunition companies. Texas taxpayers will not be burdened with funding discriminatory measures that undermine their rights and curb the companies that provide the means to exercise those rights.

The NSSF is the Republican Lt. Gov. Particularly grateful to Dan Patrick for designating the FIND Act as a priority piece of legislation that was of vital importance to the state. NSSF thanks Republican Senator Charles Schwertner, who supported the bill, and Republican State Representative Giovanni Capriglione, who guided it through the state House of Representatives. The NSSF is also grateful to the NRA for their STRONG support for this groundbreaking legislation, which is critical to the success of the firearms and ammunition industry.

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