The Day – Teenage girl killed at a party when the gun accidentally goes off

BOSTON – A 17-year-old girl who was attending a private party at an upscale Boston hotel last February was shot in the head and killed when she slapped a man holding a gun, prosecutors shared on Tuesday with.

The suspect, Messiah Leggett, 21, of Boston, was charged Monday with negligent homicide and illicit possession of a firearm in the death of Nalijah Andrade, of New Bedford.

Innocent pleadings were filed on Leggett’s behalf and bail was set at $ 25,000.

His attorney Meg Stanley said the investigation is ongoing.

“It is too early to comment as this is a pending matter. Please stay open minded until all evidence is presented to the court when the case begins, “she wrote in an email on Tuesday.

Andrade was one of four teenage girls who attended the party at the Hyatt Regency on February 4th, according to a statement from the Suffolk District Attorney’s office, Rachael Rollins.

The party-goers drank and “took selfies” with the semi-automatic 9 mm pistol, the authorities said.

“Mr. Leggett was playing with the gun when Mrs. Andrade slapped his hand, causing him to accidentally fire a single round of ammunition,” prosecutors said.

Another man who allegedly handled the gun at the party is also charged and is due to be charged on October 5.

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