The largest military exercise in Europe in the last 25 years

The largest military exercise in Europe in the last 25 years will take place across Europe next year. The US-led exercise will gather thousands of NATO troops. The United States will deploy three tank brigades and thousands of soldiers, according to Star and Stripes.

The great military exercise known as Defender Europe 2020 will take place in Europe next year. According to the press service of the United States European Command (EUCOM), the exercises will be carried out in ten countries, but mainly in Germany and Poland.

It is planned to rally 37,000 service members to take part in the exercise, including 20,000 U.S. soldiers. The military vehicles and equipment will arrive in Europe from February 2020, and the exercises will take place during the months of April and May.

“Readiness is not just about deploying the right powers and skills across the theater, it’s also about harnessing our ability to absorb powers quickly and integrate them into our own and those of our allies and partners,” said Lieutenant General Christopher Cavoli by the US Army Europe commander, in a statement.

According to the German news agency Der Spiegel, Germany will serve as the logistical center of the exercises. Der Spiegel also wrote that troops from 19 NATO countries will take part in the maneuvers.

“These exercises will provoke a reaction from Russia that will inevitably lead to further escalation. Apparently the word “de-escalation” does not exist in NATO vocabulary, “remarked Alexander Neu, a member of the Defense Committee of the German Bundestag, calling on Berlin to refuse to take part in the exercises and not allow them to be held on German territory become.

The large-scale exercises are organized in such a way that the functionality of different NATO countries is maintained and the operating standards and procedures are brought to the same level. In effect, this means that the exercise supports the goals set by NATO of strengthening preparedness within the Alliance and deterring potential adversaries. It also serves the purpose of showing small NATO countries, especially those on the borders with Russia, that they are not alone.

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