The Lupo: 3 Benelli Concept Shotguns

These three Benelli concept shotguns for 2017 are inspired by an alpha predator: the wolf. Natalie Krebs

These Benelli shotguns are not for sale, but are easy on the eyes. Every year the Italian gun manufacturer presents a concept gun at the SHOT Show. The idea is similar to a concept vehicle: these weapons are experimental models made to test the feasibility of new design features. Like concept cars, these shotguns look both artistic and futuristic, and you’d be a little scared to take a test drive.

And for good reason: they are not for sale, which makes them pretty high in dollar value in the eyes of Benelli. Her concept series from 2017 is called “Lupo”, which means Italian for Wolf.

The wolf engraved on the receiver is a design by the Urbino Academy of Fine Arts (or the Accademia di Belle Arti di Urbino, if you want the real Italian). This is an explicit reference to “alpha predators,” but I suspect it’s also a salute to Italy’s heritage (i.e., the founding of Rome by Romulus and Remus). As noted in her somewhat vague press handout, Benelli tried to conjure up the wolf in three stylized models. You have “deciphered through mechanics and style what is expressed in nature as muscle, instinct and intelligence”.

But whatever metaphor they went for, there’s no denying that these shotguns are pretty slick. However, they are one-off and will return to Benelli’s headquarters in Italy for display. If you’re curious about their previous lineup of weapons you seek but not hunt, you can find most of them here. If you’re curious about a Benelli shotgun that you can actually get your hands on, check out our first video on their Super Black Eagle 3.

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