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Why do fewer and fewer people have respect for politicians? Once again another was in Pa. Caught double-dipping and cheating on others whatever they can get away with. How they found that last time only 30% voted, and the question might be, why vote for dishonest people who represent me? Just take Washington as an example. Do what your party leaders want or do. Not for the best for the country.

Too often President Biden acts as a manager with a bonus plan that is tied to only one metric: vaccinations. Since self-vaccinated people can contract and die from COVID-19, the country would benefit from adopting the Florida model. Vaccinations to prevent people from getting sick and aggressive use of therapeutics for vaccinated and unvaccinated people who get sick. We have many tools to fight the virus, not just one!

Robert Minninger

Almost all Democrats think Biden is making this country a utopia. Have you read the book or was it banned in schools and libraries? You may have seen the movie, it looks like the Garden of Eden with milk and honey. What most people forget is that everyone has to work and get a job to make it work. Nobody sits idly collecting a social check. Nothing is free, you have to work for it.

Where did you get that guest commentary on railways in the Sunday Mercury? Author Jacob Kratz doesn’t think trains are automobiles and says that automobiles run on “unnatural resources.” Everyone hates the traffic. Nobody likes suburban sprawl. But putting people on a train schedule will never work. People prefer to drive because it gives them independence. Independent people do not fit into leftist ideas.

Chuck Draksler

GOP senators were quick to point out that the US is one of only seven counties that allows optional abortions after 20 weeks (not Roe v. Wade’s 22-week legal limit). They noticed China and N. Korea and said they did not want to be “in that society”. You didn’t mention the other four, Canada, Netherlands, Singapore, and Vietnam. All seven require a valid, legally recognized reason. But hey, it sounded good for their base.

It’s so disturbing to see what has happened in front of the Supreme Court in the past few weeks. How sad it is to see so many progressives out there who consider it immoral or repulsive to kill babies.


When will the Liberals get it? Every time a tragic shootout happens, they think that the gun freaks will change their thinking. It will never happen. They didn’t care about Sandy Hook, Parkland, Vegas, Columbine and others. They advocate guns and ammunition no matter how many people die. Gun rights groups are criminals’ best friends. Pathetic!

left handed

Reply to Patriot45 Dec. 1 comment. How can you honestly say the government can responsibly spend $ 1,200,000,000? Consider $ 100,000,000,000 for High Speed ​​Internet! Ninety-five percent of the US is wired right now! How did these clowns get 100 billion to wire up five percent? You have way too much faith in the government! We all know this isn’t free or paid! Visit and see what free means!

If your vaccine doesn’t protect you, how will my vaccine protect you?


Yesterday Joe Biden was challenged to his earlier promises to “turn off” the Covid virus. Without his supervisor’s permission, Joe said the goal had changed to help slow the virus. It seems like the virus has accelerated under Joe Biden and his supervisors. More deaths this year than last year.

Michael Stern

The best dog of all is the hot dog. It feeds the hand it bites.

Bill Wilson

Responding to sound off comments on Saturday November 27th. Edmund Bender, Cars and the 2nd Amendment. A question, which “well-regulated militia” do you belong to? Boyertown Bob, Mitch McConnell, who save the nation? By not doing his job, any job? Simply say no since 2011.

David M.

The only thing that can be seen on TV is repetitions and the volume goes up during commercials.


Once the Supreme Court bans abortion, we should put institutions in place to take in and raise unwanted children. These children can then be adopted, with special attention to parents who lose their children in school shootings. That we take care of unwanted pregnancies and that grieving parents receive compensation for their efforts in the fight against gun control. Another win-win situation.

MendaciousD, with the sarcastic, snappy posts you bring to Sound Off, you may not see Emily L’s post as the same, maybe with a slightly darker view, but not by much. It took me a couple of their contributions to make it happen.

The moderates

Patriot45, if Kyle Rittenhouse felt threatened, then the officer who shot Ashli ​​Babbitt felt threatened. It was okay to shoot her.

Let me think about it – who goes bankrupt by owning three casinos, Con Don. Who is fooling 20,000 students at their university? Who uses their foundation for their own use? Who stops paying for their helicopter and everything they buy? These credits don’t go away, someone pays and it’s the common worker. Oh, and all of his goods are made in China with a USA label attached. Remember to keep sending me money.

JB in Limerick

To ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and CNN “observers”. Jussie Smollett is on trial over the fraud he tried to sell us. You probably haven’t heard a word about the trial, but it’s not going well for Jussie yet. Prosecutors provided the jury with real evidence showing that Jussie orchestrated the “attack”. He should have accepted the request.


There is no doubt that if Trump were still president, the corporate media would cover every death and negative health issue related to the vaccine, and the left would blame him and project warp speed. I don’t think the 21st century Democrats could be any more disgusting if they tried.

Righty tighty

Alone in the car with a mask? Take it off. You look stupid. Dems be tripp’n!


If we are to maintain our momentum, Republicans must respond to the new virus variant in two ways. If it’s particularly dangerous, our message should be that it was developed and published by the Biden administration to influence the next election and kill Trump supporters. If it’s not that deadly, then it’s one suggested by Biden et al. made up joke to sow panic. Either way we win.

L Carroll

An AR15 is not a toy or a hunting rifle. It was made to kill people. The Air Force first got them to replace the M1 carbines. Fact, not fiction.

Night light

Richard Paladino believes Jacob Chansley was given too much time in prison – 41 months – for his January 6th role. If you go to a bank with your buddy, see how much time you get if he robbed a bank.

J Miller

To the night light. I liked your reference to “use by” on items, especially “C” rations. When I was in the Army in 1967 we were given 1947 C rations. I think people are too worried about “use by dates!” I’m still alive!

Jim Fitch

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