The murder of two police officers in the Hayatabad raid is a mystery

PESHAWAR: Two police officers were allegedly killed in a raid on a house to arrest an alleged perpetrator after an inmate shot them late Tuesday in the Hayatabad Phase VII area.

On the other hand, the family, whose home was searched, denied the police’s allegation, claiming that the officers who showed up at their door around midnight were disguised as food deliverers.

Police said the incident occurred around midnight when a police group searching for a police officer identified as Hameedullah, a resident of Bannu, came under fire in Hayatabad, killing two police officers.

The slain police officers, identified as Police Chief Riaz Khan and Police Officer Jaffer Khan of the East Cantonment Police Station, were injured and later died of wounds

The capital’s police officer Abbas Ahsan told Dawn that a police force made up of officers from the Cantonment division and accompanied by other police officers carried out an operation to arrest the PO following a lead. He said that as soon as he saw the police party, the defendant fired directly at it, which resulted in the martyrdom of Police Chief Riaz Khan and Police Officer Jafar Khan.

House inmates and police have conflicting views about the incident

He said the defendant, identified as Hamza, was arrested and an assault weapon (9mm pistol) was seized from his possession. He said that 16 empties of 9mm were collected at the scene. “The house search found a 223 rifle with 20 rounds, a 30-caliber pistol with six bullets and three loaded magazines, and a small machine gun with 27 rounds,” he added.

Police booked Hamza and PO Hameedullah under Sections 302, 324, 353 of the Pakistani Criminal Code, Section 7 of the Anti-Terrorism Act and Section 15 of the Gun Act.

On the other hand, the family whose home was searched denied they knew or had any connections by the name of Hameedullah.

Dr. Salwa, a doctor at Hayatabad Medical Complex (HMC) and a sister of Hamza, told Dawn that police showed up at her door after 11 p.m., disguised as food deliverers. She said that her brother and a house helper opened the gate and people outside who were covered with large towels were trying to drag her brother outside.

She said the scuffle resulted in the dismissal, who was in self-defense. She said that they later called the Tatara Police Station and informed them of the incident. She added that the police reached the scene, beat her and also took away the CCTV camera footage.

Dr. Salwa said she saw a pizza delivery motorcycle and another food delivery motorcycle and an unmarked vehicle parked in front of her home. She alleged that at the same time a pizza delivery boy reported to the Tatara Police Station that some police officers had stolen his motorcycle at gunpoint.

She said that when one of her family members removed the scarf from an injured person, he was found wearing a police uniform. She said they had hostility in her ancestral city of Bannu while her trouble escaped Hamza twice from kidnappings.

Zunair Ahmed Cheema, a county of SP Cantonment, told Dawn that both the PO and the family in question belong to the same area but are not related. He said they suspected that the family helped the PO escape after they were released.

The SP said the defendant fired 16 shots in a row, eight of which hit police personnel. He said that the police did not open fire.

He asked why the family didn’t let the police search the house if it wasn’t hiding something. He said that shortly after the incident, the family started spreading different versions of stories about the robbery. He also denied that police officers took recordings from surveillance cameras from the house.

PO Hameedullah was a soldier in the Frontier Constabulary and murdered his comrade Ameer Daraz on July 1, 2021 after spitting.

Both FC employees belonged to the domail area of ​​Bannu and were stationed at checkpoint 12 near the Tatara police station.

Posted in Dawn, November 25, 2021

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