The Only Thing Stopping Gun Control Is You

By Larry Keane

Democrats have only one obstacle to achieving their vaunted utopia of gun control. – They. IMG iStock-484139956

USA – ( – Democrats have only one obstacle when it comes to achieving their vaunted utopia of gun control.

It is you – the utterly irrational, rights-demanding, unreasonable and uncompromising American. They are “selfish” gun owners. They are the indomitable arms makers and buyers of arms. You are what stops gun control in America.

This is what the parade of Democratic lawmakers and their scratchy newscaster endorsers is putting up now. They pile up to tell America that the problem isn’t that they can’t pass gun control. It is those who oppose them who are “unreasonable” and “irrational”.

“This is not about getting rid of the second amendment,” said Vice President Kamala Harris CBS News. “The point is simply to say that we need proper gun safety laws.”

“The only gun legislation ever passed is mine,” President Biden said CBS News his 1994 Assault Weapons Ban. “It will happen again.”

Chuck Todd hosted NBC’s Meet the press to talk about why gun control is bumping into another wall. Todd quoted The Onion – a satirical news site – to describe gun rights supporters as stubborn and indifferent to the tragedies that have occurred.

“Republicans say enough about gun control, it’s a mental issue and we need to protect the second amendment,” Todd said. “And what happens? Nothing is done. “

Todd’s claim that those who value rights do not value life is absurd. His polarization of the issue is more telling of his bias than the “irrational” gun lobby.

No gun laws?

Vice President Harris ignores the fact that there is an estimate 20,000 gun laws between federal, state and local governments. Critics argue that there are 300 relevant gun laws, but that’s still a lot. Then-Sen. Harris voted for that Fix NICS Act, which was named after NSSFs FixNICS Initiative to ensure that all disqualifying records are submitted to the FBI’s National System for Immediate Criminal Background Verification (NICS).

Why are these laws not enough? President Biden is thrilled that his ban on modern sporting rifles has been investigated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found have no influence on the fight against crime. In addition, Heller’s landmark decision has since confirmed the individual right to own firearms for common use. With more than 20 million in circulationqualifies the modern sport rifle.

Legislative Brinksmanship

US Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) Spoke to Todd about compromise on Meet the Press before imposing a duty on stubborn Republicans to submit to Democratic demands. He threatened that if they fail to do so, they would prove that the party in power – the Democrats – must get the filibuster to rule by majority vote. All or nothing.

“Here is your chance, a topic that is 90 percent supported and where you don’t have to shift your position, your current position, to a Herculean level. They can pass – they can help us pass an increase in background checks and prove to Democrats and the country that the Senate can operate on a 60-vote threshold. “

That’s a damn good way to compromise. Agree to the terms or we’ll break the rules. Sen. Murphy throws down the “90 percent support” topic of conversation, but none of those gun control advocates will admit his overly broad poll asks about gun sales that are already required and will be completed with background checks. In the spirit of a rational debate, it would be intellectually more honest if they admitted that their proposal would in fact require gun owners to be placed on a government watch list in order to exercise a constitutional right.

Compliance, no compromise

Gun control advocates become apoplectic when adversaries like gun owners, the firearms industry, and even those like Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) dare call them out for her double speech. Sen. Murphy, Vice President Harris, and President Biden are not compromising. You strive for compliance.

They didn’t offer anything for it. They didn’t say there was advanced background checks or endless waiting for national covert broadcast reciprocity. They did not offer bans on publicly owned firearms from closing imaginary gaps. Your definition of compromise is pave the way for stricter laws later. Senator Murphy admitted it.

“And I think the theory behind the case is that if we convince Republicans that Heaven is not going to fall for you politically, if you support a reasonable expansion of background checks, you can move on to other interventions,” Sen. Murphy said . “But yeah, we should have a wider conversation now because in Connecticut, it’s not just universal background checks that protect our citizens. We require that you obtain permission before purchasing a pistol. If that had been the case in those states, it might have prevented one of the shooters from getting a gun. “

After all, more laws that restrict rights are “sensible”. Notice that? Unless you refuse.

Via the National Shooting Sports Foundation

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