Three defendants in the McDermott shootout

Oct 8 – MCDERMOTT – Scioto County Sheriff David Thoroughman stated at 3:56 p.m. on Oct 7, 2021 that his 9-1-1 communications center received a call from a subject who was shot and the victim was dead 148 Enley Street in McDermott.

Deputies and detectives were sent to the scene. On the way, MPs were told that the suspects had fled the town in a maroon Ford pickup. Upon arrival, the victim was lying on the ground and a good Samaritan was providing first aid.

The victim announced that he was shot on the run in the 300 block of Enley. The victim apparently had gunshot wounds in the area of ​​his back. MPs and detectives went to the 300 block at Enley to track down one of the possible suspects, Jason Hammond. The victim was flown to Cabell Hospital and is in stable condition.

While MPs and investigators were investigating the location of the incident, another search was conducted for the second subject. The Ford F150 he escaped in the area was hidden in the woods near a motor home on the 400 block off Henry Cooper Road in McDermott. The Ford F150 has been reported stolen from Ross County.

A man, Jon Roberts, and a woman, Destiny Evans, were in the RV. Both people were taken to the Scioto County Sheriff’s office for questioning. Investigators have received a search warrant for the camper. An SCCY CPx-2 9 mm pistol was hidden under a sink cabinet. The pistol and other evidence were confiscated.

Arrested was Jon Roberts, 34, from Otway, Ohio. He was charged with “mugging,” a second degree crime, and receiving stolen property, a fourth degree crime. Destiny Evans, age 37, from McDermott, Ohio. She was charged with complicity in a criminal attack, a third degree crime. Jason Hammond, 42 years old, of 353 Enley Road, McDermott, Ohio. He was charged with complicity in a criminal attack, a third degree crime.

All those arrested are to be tried in Portsmouth City Court. The case will eventually be referred to the Scioto County Attorney’s Office for submission to a Scioto County Grand Jury.

Sheriff David Thoroughman said this was an ongoing investigation and could result in further charges being brought before the Scioto County Grand Jury at a later date.

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