“Til death do us part…” says woman as she kidnaps her wife at gunpoint & strangles her — Alexia Dunn arrested – Scoop: Nashville

The victim (Quenticia Dunn) reported to MNPD police that she was attacked by her wife / defendant (Alexia Dunn) at 1046 Jefferson St # 4 Nashville, TN on 9/10/2021. The victim reported the incident to the police on October 14, 2021. There was no local charge.

Follow-up contact with the victim was made on October 19, 2021. The victim stated that she was staying with the defendant at 1046 Jefferson St # 4 Nashville, TN on the day of the incident. The victim stated that she and the defendant were getting a divorce and should sign the divorce papers. She said the defendant had confronted her with allegations that she had a new life partner. She stated that they were both sitting on the bed when the defendant kept accusing her of lying and they started arguing.

She said the defendant grabbed her by the neck and strangled her. She said the defendant grabbed her neck with one hand and pressed her against the wall. She stated that the defendant strangled her on the wall until she stopped fighting and went limp. She stated that when she woke up she was in a different place in the room and thought she might have passed out.

She stated that she was “out of focus” when she walked into the room, but she could see the defendant with a gun. She described the gun as a black Glock model pistol. She stated that the defendant once pointed the gun at her abdomen and said, “We will die tonight until death do us part.” The victim stated that she felt she was dying the night of the incident have to .

She stated that she had difficulty breathing after the strangulation. She said she had pain in her neck and back after the incident. She said she had a headache for a week after the incident. The victim said that the defendant took her cell phone with her during the incident so that she could not call for help. She stated that the defendant tried to destroy her phone by hitting it in the wall and floor.

She alleged that she once tried to get hold of her Macbook to ask someone for help, but the defendant pointed a gun at the device and threatened to shoot it if she touched it. The victim stated that the defendant put the gun on the bed and also sat down to get help. She said she ran to a neighboring apartment and asked for help.

She said the defendant chased her outside, picked her up and pushed her back into the apartment. When the defendant heard that the neighbors might be calling the police, she returned her phone to the victim and left the place. The victim said she fled to another state out of fear the night of the incident and later returned to file a report with the police.

On September 10, 2021 at 12:31 am, MNPD Dispatch received a call from a third party stating that two women were fighting “very badly” outside and that the parties were going to apartment 4. Contact was made with the third party on October 19, 2021. He confirmed that the women who live at # 4 apartment at 1046 Jefferson Street were fighting outside of the town and that he was calling the police on their behalf.

There is likely reason to believe that the defendant committed grievous bodily harm based on the victim’s testimony, the victim’s signs and symptoms of strangulation, and the third party’s confirmation that there was domestic disorder on the day of the incident. These events were held in Davidson County, TN.

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