Top 9 Unique AR-15 Lower Receivers


In the world of AR15s, some people are looking for something unique and interesting. There are plenty of options to try, like the complete AR rifles featured here.

Today we’re going to cover ten of the more interesting and unique lower AR15 receivers on the market today.

1. The Gadsen recipient of the Palmetto State Armory

This one is more or less a standard stripped down AR plunger, but with one thing that makes it a little unique.

Where most ARs have some sort of manufacturer identification, Palmetto State Armory laser engraved the Gadsen flag, a long-standing symbol among those who value the second amendment and the right to gun ownership in general.

The lasering is nice and crisp so it should last the life of the receiver.

2. The Yankee Hill Machine Biller Lower Receiver


In terms of functionality, this is a standard Mil spec AR15 base. However, Yankee Hill made a small change to this one: the front of the receiver has both finger grooves and a slightly flared magazine slot.

This makes the receiver look a little more aggressive than the typical bottom receivers, and we think the grooves and magazine slot would also make it easier to use with a magazine slot handle, which is popular with people who take photos in tight spaces.

Lead Star Arms’ skeletonized lower AR15 receiver
Looks like it’s hard to find a lower bold one than some of the Lead Star Arms offerings. This particular series of receivers is available in three colors.

Of course there is a standard black, but where is the fun in that? You also have the choice between a dark navy blue and an extremely bright red. For our tastes, we would go for red.

The receiver also comes with a skeletonized magazine slot, which both adds to the distinctive appearance of the receiver, but also takes some weight off.

3. The Juggernaut Tactical Lower Receiver 80% with American flag


For both the handy and the patriots, this is less worth your time. First and foremost, it is a bottom receiver that bears the American flag.

It’s also 80% lower, which means you can order it directly from the website and have it delivered to your home. From there, you’ll need to finish it yourself with a jig kit and drill press. If you follow the instructions, you will get a unique looking AR that you completed yourself, which is a great project for many gun owners.

4. The Sharps Brothers of Jack Lower Receivers

For those looking to make a bit of a statement with their AR15, the folks at Sharps Brothers have a range of receivers just for you. This one, which works with all Mil-Spec AR15 parts, also happens to have a skull as a magazine slot. While this does not change the function of the lower receiver, it is certainly an interesting design that will attract everyone’s attention.

It may take some getting used to seating and getting to grips with magazines, but this is at least one interesting lower receiver.

5. James Madison Tactical 80% Polymer Lower

From a distance, this base looks inconspicuous: it’s a simple black base that houses all of the Mil-Spec parts. This is special in two ways. First, it’s a polymer base: that means it’s made from an exceptionally durable plastic that will hold up well over time.

Second, it’s 80% lower, which, as mentioned earlier, means you can have it shipped straight to you so you can finish it yourself. Between those two features, this lower receiver is one of the more unique designs we’ve seen.

6. The Sharps Brothers Warthog Lower Receiver


This is another offering from the folks at The Sharps Brothers. He has a warthog in front of the recipient. While these designs may not be for everyone, they are definitely interesting.

Aside from being a mere novelty, the machining that was carried out to stick the warthog’s snout into this receiver is nothing short of impressive. In this case, what we like best is that there is a skeleton set of teeth that shows off the teeth. At the very least, this is a showcase of high quality matching and takes your AR to an entirely different level in terms of style.

7. F1 Firearms 805 raw aluminum base

If you’ve ever wondered what a lower AR receiver looked like before it was anodized, this is it. We think this is unique in three ways. First, it’s 80% lower. Second, there is no finish at all and, third, there are finger grooves in the magazine slot for a better grip.

If this were our weapon we would finish milling it but leave it unfished for an interesting looking AR15, even if that meant the metal would require a little more maintenance than a regular AR deeper.

8. The Foxtrot Mike 45ACP Billet Lower Receiver

We’re adding this receiver for one main reason, which is in .45ACP for the caliber. Where most AR receivers that are supposed to become pistol caliber carbines are in 9 mm, this applies to the classic .45ACP cartridge.

Specifically, this Glock is supposed to hold 45 magazines. In general, we think this is a big lower for someone who owns a Glock 45 and wants to use the same magazines in a slightly longer firearm than their 45ACP pistol.

9. The lower receiver of Sharps Brothers Hellbreaker


To top it off, we have our favorite Sharps Brothers design. This one has a replica of the shark-style nose art popular with WWII hunters on the magazine slot of the lower receiver.

We really like the skeletonized jaws, which form a striking contrast to the rest of the receiver. The teeth may look a little fragile, but since they’re made of aluminum, we expect them to be nice and sturdy.

The recipients on this list differ in style, material, and construction. All of this shows that the world of AR15s has many interesting parts for people looking for a one-of-a-kind firearm.

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