Ty’Rese West documentary filmmakers say their lawsuits prompted document release | Crime and Courts

Neither the Racine City Prosecutor nor Mount Pleasant Village responded to a request for comment on this report at the time of going to press.

The main duo making the documentary is William Howell, a Racinian who is the nephew of Art Howell, the Racine Police Chief. and Laura Dyan Kezman, a Racine native, filmmaker with a resume that includes work with National Geographic, NBC, and Discovery, and who founded LionArt Media.

On September 18, 2019, three months after the shooting, Racine District Attorney Tricia Hanson concluded that Mount Pleasant, the West official, Sgt.Eric Giese had acted in self-defense. According to investigators, Giese confirmed that West reached for the gun he had thrown away while Giese had his boot on West’s hand, legally justifying the use of lethal force, as Giese said he believed his life was in danger.

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