U.S. representative shoots herself in the foot | News

Surrounded by leather Pride Bois, US Representative Lindsey Boobert was hospitalized after a calendar shoot failed.

While Boobert (Miss September) posed for next year’s QWAK calendar (QWAK), she literally pulled herself in the foot.

“I didn’t know there was a bullet in the barrel at all,” tweeted Boobert in an obvious reference to the cartridge in her gun.

The whole scenario was exactly the definition of unfortunate irony, lamented the photographer.

“We had a whole topic for the shoot. We wanted to have Lindsey pose with one of the Pride Bois who has a cat with nine tails. It would be called “Trigger Discipline,” “he said.

In a written statement, Boobert’s cohorts on the Republican Castrated Committee offered thoughts and prayers, promising that under no circumstances would their mishap lead to weapons reform legislation.

“Our deepest condolences and best wishes for a speedy recovery go to Rep. Boobert,” said RNC Chairman Ronda McDonald. “We made a donation on their behalf to the American Gun Lobby, which in turn generously offered them a free firearms safety course.”

The good news, McDonald went on, is that the safety class is virtual, so Boobert can attend from her hospital bed.

“Damn no,” said Boobert in response to her safety course. “It is my God-given right as an American to shoot me in the foot if I choose to.”

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