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DOWNINGTOWN – A lifetime collection of unique and rare military items will be auctioned in Downingtown on March 26th.

This online-only sale includes nearly 700 lots of ephemera, pistols, shotguns, revolvers, swords, knives and a serious selection of military uniforms and medals. The auction, which is offered on both Bidsquare.com and Proxibid.com, is a journey of more than 50 years in collecting militaria and sporting goods.

While the collector’s focus was on World War II, with many German military highs, there is quite a bit of material from the 19th century to World War I. Earlier material includes a John Musk 1797 contract musket from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, a long percussion musket, the lock marked James (Brown) & Son, a US contract musket 1863 from Bridesburg, a Springfield 1873 trapdoor, a US Springfield model 1863 – Percussion, a US Springfield Model 1884 saddle ring trapdoor carabiner, and a Smith patent from Poultney & Trimble Civil War saddle ring carabiner, as well as many others.

Small arms within the auction are a Colt Model 1909 Army DA Revolver, a Colt Model 1901 DA Revolver, a Webley Mark VI, Enfield No. 2 MK I double action revolvers, a Smith & Wesson Victory model, a Colt Official Police model, a Detective Special and a Polish FB Radom Vis model P-35 semi-automatic pistol, as well as pistols from Walther, Mauser, Baby Browning etc. are other notable weapons several Winchester models from 1894, including a carbine in WCF caliber .25-.35 and several shotguns.

World War I is consistently represented with many firearms, including several US Springfield Armory Model 1898 Krags, a German Mauser Model K-98, a Springfield Model 1903 bolt action rifle, a US Springfield Armory Model 1903 Mark I bolt action rifle, a Remington Model 1903-A3 bolt action rifle and many military rifles such as a Swiss Vetterli, a French Berthier, a Mosin Nagant, a Mauser model 1871/84, a Swedish Carl Gustafs model 1896, a US Springfield model 1896 Krag, a US model 1917 Winchester bolt action rifle German Brunn Mauser model K98, to highlight just a few. Other interesting items from World War I include a brass trench knife and scabbard with brass handle from US 1918 LF & C. Mark I, a German Picklehaube leather helmet, a German M16 camouflage helmet, and a German trench knife and scabbard.

The vast majority of the collection is focused on World War II. Some of the rifles supposed to cross the auction block are a SMLE No. 5 Mark I-Bolt-Action-Jungle-Karabiners, two semi-automatic US M1-Karabiners from Inland Mfg. General Motors US M1, many Italian Carcano rifles, several Japanese Arisaka rifles, including a Japanese Arisaka Type 97 bolt action rifle “Snipers”, a semi-automatic Egyptian Hakim rifle and many, many more.

Edge weapons not only cover American items, but also German and Japanese. A very brief overview includes many knives and bayonets highlighted by a USMC stiletto combat knife and sheath from WWII, a British Fairbairn Sykes, a Wilkinson-etched FS combat knife and sheath, a US M3 Kinfolks combat knife from the Second World War, a German paratrooper gravity meter from WWII. a German officer’s dagger, a scabbard and a knot from the Second World War, a rare F. Ed. Ohliger, a German SA dagger and a scabbard from Solingen, a German SA dagger and a scabbard from CG Haenel Suhl, a German NSKK dagger and a scabbard from the RZM as well as a German WKC police dagger and a scabbard from the Second World War. This just scratches the surface of the number of combat knives found on sale. Swords are also well represented with many Japanese Shin Gunto and Samurai swords from WWII and a German Clemen & Jung “P” guard lion head officer’s sword as well as many others.

This collection is imbued with military accessories, uniforms, badges, medals, and equipment from World War II. Uniforms are represented by US examples as well as some rare German specimens and some Japanese material. Some of the items to be discovered include a German Luftwaffe visor cap from World War II, Hermann Göring’s Division, an untouched German M40 sticker helmet from World War II, a German Air Force flight helmet from WWII, a mesh hood from WWII, a blue blue Hitler Youth uniform from WWII , a Japanese era of WWII heated flight overalls, a German HBT combat tunic with four pockets from WWII, a NCO, a Red Cross jacket of the German military service from WWII, a Kreigsmarine navy jacket from WWII, a summer work shirt from WWII World War II from Kreigsmarine, a cardigan from the Luftwaffe from the Second World War and a German Luftwaffe aviator blouse from the Second World War, as well as several US jackets, shirts, helmets and related items.

Not to be overlooked is a multitude of military medals, badges and patches, including a rare German Feldgendarmerie Gorget from the Second World War, a group of small German flags from the Second World War, a German submarine badge from the Second World War, a German Iron Cross from WWII, a German bronze from WWII hand-to-hand combat, a German silver Panzer Assault badge from WWII, a very rare badge for German Air Force pilots as well as many USAF badges, medals, etc.

There is a huge collection of hunting and fishing licenses from Pennsylvania at the end of the auction. The fishing badges begin with a first issue from 1922 and the hunting party begins in 1913. The vast majority of the licenses come from Clinton County. There are hundreds of licenses of all kinds. At the end of the auction there is a large wrought iron bear trap!

Everything will take place on March 26, 2021 from 10 a.m. Interested bidders are encouraged to contact Pook & Pook, Inc. at [email protected] or (610) 269-4040 with any questions regarding the condition and requests for additional photos. Please direct questions about bidding to [email protected] All bids for this sale are available on two online bidding platforms, both www.bidsquare.com and www.proxibid.com.

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