Valdosta man convicted of gun possession in federal court

VALDOSTA, Georgia (WALB) – A Valdosta man was found guilty of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon after a two-day federal trial in Valdosta.

The Middle District of Georgia Prosecutor’s Office said in a press release that Aaron Lewis Green Jr., 39, of Valdosta, shot a homeless man in Green’s house in April 2018.

“Green is a violent criminal with government charges pending that he shot a homeless man multiple times for refusing to allow his dog to conduct illegal and vicious dogfights. Our office had the federal authority to prosecute this professional armed criminal for illegally possessing weapons, and we have accepted that responsibility. A citizens’ jury has now ensured a certain measure of justice for the victim and has ensured that a dangerous repeat offender is taken off the street, “said acting US Attorney Peter D. Leary.

The press release said that according to court documents and evidence presented at the trial, as of the early morning of Jan.

Prosecutors said Green invited a couple who lived in his truck to park at his home. The couple had a Rottweiler and Green requested that they fight another dog. When the man refused, prosecutors said Green shot him multiple times.

“Green threatened the victim’s girlfriend when she tried to load the victim into her vehicle,” the press release said. “When the couple found the hospital, the homeless man was taken to an operation and treated for gunshot wounds. Officials arrested Green outside a church in Valdosta, where he was found lying on the ground. At the time of his arrest, Green was armed with a knife and a semi-automatic pistol with a cartridge in the chamber. Twelve days after his arrest, Green was feral and admitted that the gun he found in the waistband of his pants was the gun he used to shoot the homeless man.

The press release states that the government believes Greens “long, violent and qualified criminal records” under the Armed Career Criminal Act (ACCA) will suspend Green to a mandatory minimum of 15 years with a possible maximum life imprisonment as a fine of $ 250,000. There is no parole in the federal system.

“The dangerous threat that Green poses to the community is documented by his long record of violent criminal records and his utter disregard for not only the lives of innocent animals but the lives of those around him,” said Chris Hacker, FBI Atlanta Special Agent. “Now that a jury has passed a verdict, our citizens will be safer while he spends a lot of time in jail.”

Green is still being charged with aggravated assault over the shooting.

Green’s verdict is scheduled for 9:30 a.m. on September 21 in Valdosta before US District Judge Hugh Lawson.

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