VIDEO/PHOTOS: Security forces dig deep in search of guns in St James

The combined and strategic efforts of personnel from various police formations and the military have achieved significant results in the St. James Police Division in recent days.

In fact, between March 14 and March 20, five firearms, including three assault rifles, and 250 rounds of various ammunition were confiscated by security forces in the community through the efforts of the combined security teams.

Gun finds included two AK-47 assault rifles and an AR15 rifle, which is similar to the M16 rifle, as well as two pistols.

In addition, illegal drugs were seized and a number of people were detained in connection with the criminal seizures.

The weapons, ammunition and other illegal materials seized by security forces during targeted raids in St. James last week.

Security measures included the Lottery Scam Task Force, Canine Division, Caribbean Search Center staff, Area One Operations Support Unit, St. James Police, and the Jamaica Defense Force (JDF) to contain and deter criminal activity in sections of the Local community.

The team included a highly skilled dog who helped law enforcement agencies find them.

Regarding the actual weapons finds, the combined security team carried out a targeted raid on part of Cambridge parish in the parish last Thursday, which resulted in the confiscation of two 9mm pistols and nearly 200 rounds of 9mm cartridges.

On Saturday March 20, the security team carried out a series of rapid attacks in three parishes, including Glendevon, and raised trumps.

During the operations, a site was searched and two AK-47 rifles with magazines and ammunition and an AR15 rifle and magazine and ammunition were found.

Additional rounds of illegal ammunition were found during the operation.

The latest finds bring the number of illegal weapons confiscated by St James’ authorities so far this year to around 40.

St. James Police Division commanding officer Superintendent Vernon Ellis said the close collaboration with other national security formations and the use of specialized training capabilities, advanced technology and broad strategic applications will continue with the aim of containing and limiting the levels of criminal activity in Sections of the parish.

Ellis added that it was important that the law enforcement surge in the community was always at least a few steps ahead of the criminal minds there.

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