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Walther brings Meister Manufaktur Custom Pistols onto the market

Walther has announced that it will be expanding its range of customer-specific pistols from Meister Manufaktur. The range started with a custom version of the LP 500 aiming pistol but will now include some of their Q5 match pistols. The Meister Manufaktur range includes the Arabesque and the Patriot with hand-engraved slides and frames. Only limited editions of the new pistols from Walther’s master workshop with MSRP between USD 2,790.00 and USD 4,449.00. Please see below for more information.

Q5-SF Arabesque (Walther)

Improve excellence. Walther brings the Meister Manufaktur range of special pistols onto the market.

Walther, a company that is characterized by over a century of technical passion, precise workmanship and innovation, has once again entered a new era of manufacturing.

The Meister Manufaktur program creates an exclusive line of hand-engraved, handcrafted pistols with newly developed coatings and surfaces that have never been seen on a production line before. Every limited pistol from Meister Manufaktur promises respected Walther performance combined with handcrafted quality and exceptional details.

The Meister Manufaktur program starts with four extraordinary pistols based on the popular model. The Black Diamond, Black Tie, Patriot and Arabesque models each have several uniquely defining features that set them apart from a standard production model. Highly qualified craftsmen, in collaboration with Walther engineers, have combined the very best aesthetic embellishments with performance improvements and state-of-the-art surface treatments.

Q5-SF Patriot (Walther)

Walther’s passion for top performance was reinforced and burned into the DNA of the Meister Manufaktur program. His goal is to produce beautiful, soulful and high-performance products without parallel on the pistol market.

“Walther’s vision was to merge form and function to create the ultimate experience for his customers. More beauty, more soul – and yet absolutely usable. Why should something really beautiful just be collected, and why should something built for performance not lead its class in good looks and craftsmanship? Thanks to our in-house engineering and technical skills, which have merged with some of the world’s most famous craftsmen, our imagination was the only limiting factor in the Meister Manufaktur program, ”said Bernhard Knöbel, CEO of Carl Walther GmbH.


Miles caught up with Walther at his booth at the SHOT Show 2020 and took a look at the Q4 SF Optics Ready and 380 CCP pistols. Check out his video here.

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