Waterloo police confiscate handgun that has been converted to fully automatic mode | Crime and Courts

The ATF photo shows a glock switch installed on a handgun.


WATERLOO – Police seized a fully automatic pistol during a traffic control on Sunday morning in Waterloo.

According to court records, the gun, a standard .40 caliber Glock Model 23, has been modified with an aftermarket switch on the back of the breech that allows it to fire fully automatically, essentially making the pistol an illegal small machine gun.

Officials also found a 40-caliber high-capacity drum, a small amount of marijuana, and a bag of suspected ecstasy pills.

The driver, 36-year-old Coolishum Dillanae Moody from Waterloo, was arrested for illicit possession of an assault weapon, carrying weapons, and possession of marijuana and ecstasy. He has been released from prison, which is still on trial.

Glock handguns usually fire semi-automatically and require a separate trigger for each shot.

But small devices known as “Glock switches” – they are not made by Glock – can convert the pistols to fully automatic. The devices were patented in the US in 1998 and, according to court records, technically represent machine guns even if they are not installed.

“Automatic switches have certainly become popular in the county in recent years,” said John Ham, field spokesman for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in Kansas City, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and the south of the country includes Illinois.

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